Frigidity in women is a common sexual dysfunction. Many women experience loss of interest in sex due to various physical and psychological reasons. Previous traumatic experience or sexual abuse during childhood can develop a fear and reluctance to lovemaking. Sometimes intercourse could be painful due to inadequate lubrication.

Before jumping to know how to cure frigidity in women, it is necessary to know what triggers frigidity or loss of libido in women.

Psychological reasons: Most of the time anxiety or fear developed due to sexual molestation or conflicts with partner makes a woman reluctant to sex. Psychological reasons can be best treated by counseling.

Physical causes: There can be various physical reasons for loss of interest in sex like:

Hormones: Hormones play a vital role in sexual activity. An altered hormone level during pregnancy, menopause, vitamin deficiency and other conditions significantly affects a person's desire to sex.

Major illness: Sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, pituitary gland dysfunctions can cause decrease in vaginal lubrication there by causing frigidity.

Painful lovemaking: Many women show reluctance to sex because of their previous painful experience due to lack of lubrication, pelvic or vaginal infections, and uncomfortable sex positions.

How to cure frigidity in women at home

There are many herbs which are can be used safely at home to treat frigidity in women.

Diet: Dietary items like sprouts, seeds of pumpkin, chocolate, eggs can increase the desire for sex.

Ginger: It is an aphrodisiac which can increase sexual drive

Fenugreek: It is also an aphrodisiac easily available.

Chives: These bulbous herbs are rich in minerals which increase the production of sexual hormones thereby improving the libido.

Kava Kava: Except for lactating and pregnant women kava kava is a widely given herb to treat frigidity.

Ginseng: Ginseng has been mentioned in ancient Chinese medical literature, used to balance endocrine system in females.

Asparagus: Pills containing asparagus are available in the market which has shown effective results in treating frigidity.

Saw palmetto: Extracts of saw palmetto are available in the market as pills which increase the vaginal lubrication. Applying olive oil and other botanical oils into the vagina is beneficial in treating dry vagina. However dry vagina should be treated with increased fore play and erotic talks. One should not apply petroleum jelly for dry vagina.

Cinnamomum Cassia: They act by improving the genital circulation and makes genitals more sensitive and responsive to touch.

How to cure frigidity in women by pharmaceutical methods?

Many medicines are being introduced to the market for the treatment of female frigidity. Unfortunately these medicines are a step behind herbal products in treating female libido.

Vi-ag-ra: With the success of Vi-ag-ra in men, many similar products released to market for treating female frigidity. These medicines act by increasing blood circulation to genitals. These have shown little success.

Testosterone therapy: Testosterone is a male sex hormone when introduced to females who have undergone hysterectomy has shown positive results, but increased use of testosterone cause facial hair and change in voice.

Estrogen therapy: Estrogen is the hormone which improves the libido and also increases the vaginal lubrication. They are available as patches and pills.

Treatment to frigidity in women is multi-faceted involving psychological counseling, sex education and herbal or pharmaceutical therapies. Whether it is home remedy or pharmaceutical therapy, to make it effective the person should be willing to have sex with partner and should realize the importance of sexual health.

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