Are you suffering from the problem of swollen feet for quite some time now and looking for the ways to treat it? If yes, then this article can help you in various ways. The condition of swollen feet is not just an annoyance, but also an uncomforting and awful situation. Your shoes fit tight, socks do not fit at all and the most awful - your feet start looking abnormal!!

If not treated properly, swollen feet can be the most problematic condition, which origins due the increase of fluids in the blood vessels of the feet and that excessive increase of fluid leads to the problem which generally targets feet including toes and fingers.

Some of the factors that contribute to the causes of swollen feet syndrome are:

• Intake of diet excessively high in salt and carbohydrates.
• Kidney related diseases.
• Allergic reactions.
• Total retention of sodium intake.
• Leading a lethargic or less active life.
• Frequent changes in blood pressure.

The causes may be innumerable but it is important to note that excess swelling can also cause skin ulcerations, so it is better to keep a check on various symptoms of swollen feet like swelling knees, feet stiffness, feet pain and difficulties in walking etc. to avoid additional problems in future because it is definitely one of the few diseases that need to be taken proper care of.

Although, the treatment generally depends upon the causes of the swelling but the first and one of the major options for the treatment for swollen feet that is used these days is elevating the legs above the level of the heart while lying down. Elevating legs above the level of heart helps in putting the least pressure on the backs of the knees and thighs and lower back. Adding to this, other ways by which you can treat swollen feet are:

• Get up and move around as it’ll help in free flow of blood in blood vessels rather than being lazy.
• Eat a less salted and balanced carbohydrate diet.
• Have plenty of water per day to keep hydrated.
• Avoid a daily hangover with the socks.

The following tips for the prevention of swollen feet will help keep your feet and ankles from swelling and will have you comfortably slipping those shoes back on at the start of your day!

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