You suffer from social anxiety and so don't need me to tell you what it's like. It feels like the world laughs at you, you find it hard to chat with people, and you just want to stay at home. Having suffered from a social anxiety disorder myself for 6 years, I discovered there is only one way to cure social anxiety naturally.

If I straight away told you the natural cure to social anxiety, you may not believe it. Why? The answer is counter-intuitive. You are about to discover it, but to truly be cured forever, you need to understand this...

At the moment you are searching for a way to make your anxiety disappear. You may have purchased an ebook about how to make your panic go away or been to a psychologist. You may even have considered unnatural treatments like drugs. All this is unnecessary.

I was fortunate enough to speak with an expert called Dr Steven Hayes (you can Google him). He is a psychology expert and now the guy I consider to be a world leader in anxiety. When he started out his career at a university, he met with professors in a meeting where he had to deliver a presentation.

Despite all the tricks and knowledge he had as a psychologist, he had a panic attack. He stood at the front for 30 seconds as the professors looked blankly at him. Not a word came out. He never gave the presentation and sat down.

What was the problem here? And how do you become a confident person so you can live happily and freely making friends?

Let me give you a hint. Those questions I posed to you are dangerous. Similar terminology and dialogue is the reason you find yourself suffering from anxiety. It is what I want you to understand before you try the natural cure because having the "fix" is not enough. In fact, thinking it is a "fix" is the problem.

When you fight anxiety, it persists. Dr Hayes having a panic attack is not a problem. He later told me the issue is not if you have anxiety but if you battle with, hold onto, and push anxiety away. When you use terms like "problem", "cure", and "live happily when..." you are fighting what should not be fought. This is the one and only way to "fix your problem" (pardon me for using that phrase, but I hope you understand).

A social anxiety disorder becomes disorderly ironically when you try bring it to order. You can quickly comprehend how free you are by asking:

"Where's my focus when anxiety arises?"

The free person sees what's important to them (value-based living) while the anxiety sufferer battles with anxiety (desire to avoid social anxiety).

A girl who thinks everyone analyzes her is not socially free - she will be afraid to speak and socialize. Another girl who says what she feels and speaks her mind even when she's afraid is socially freer than the first girl. Social freedom is therefore the absence of a desire to avoid social anxiety. The later girl lives a freer social life because she knows anxiety and fear is okay to exist.

That is the natural cure to social anxiety. Get your free guide I've written so you can confidently socialize and enjoy life.

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