The iPad’s display and user interface blends style with sophistication which users love to retain for a while. But after a certain period of time, monotony creeps in and you feel like changing your home screen to have new wallpaper, use different alert tones for each function and relocate icons.

The settings tab on the iPad allows you to customize the home screen as per your taste. You can change the wallpaper, alert tones, drag icons to put them elsewhere on the screen and also modify the Home button’s functionality.

How to change the wallpaper on the iPad?

Anyone looking at a particular wallpaper behind the icons would be bored after a while. That’s when it needs to be changed. Changing the wallpaper is a simple task. Just go to Home screen and tap open the Settings icon. Here you can choose different levels of brightness and wallpapers from the left side of the screen. The iPad comes preloaded with scenic wallpapers which you can choose from. You can do it by tapping the wallpapers individually.

If you do not like the preloaded ones, you can add your own wallpapers by clicking with the iPad’s camera or downloading them via the internet. The photo album contains all the pictures that you download, click or add from external devices. Choose a picture if you like it and tap for full screen view.

The iPad gives you two options to set wallpapers either as lock screen background or both lock and home screen wallpapers. To set an image as lock screen background, tap ‘Set Home Screen’. To set for both, tap ‘Set Both’. If you do not like the image, you can cancel it from the ‘Back’ or ‘Cancel’ button located on the top left corner.

You can even choose the part of the image you want as wallpaper by touching and dragging a photo in order to get the part of the photo you wish to look at. Additionally, you can crop a photo and set it as wallpaper. This can be done by dragging a photo to view the portion you like.

How to re-position icons on the iPad?

If you want to move the icons around the home screen, you can simply do it by a prolonged touch on the icon for few seconds. This gesture moves icons to follow the path traced by your finger. Once you are done with re-positioning, tap the Home button to place it.

To move icons from one home screen to another, just drag them in the same procedure to either edges of the display and hold it there till the new screen is displayed. Release the icon on the next screen and the iPad will auto-position it.

Re-positioning through iTunes’ interface on desktop

You can also relocate icons on the iPad home screen through iTunes on a desktop/laptop. Connect your iPad to your Mac, launch iTunes and locate the iPad under the ‘Devices’ tab on the left. Click open the ‘Apps’ tab to get the list of apps. Thereafter, you can click and drag any icon to move it around the home careen. If you want to position an app on a different home screen, click open the home screen where you want to place it. Then you can drag the icon from one home screen to the other. Once you are done, click the ‘Apply’ button. This will sync your iPad and the apps will be re-positioned.

Everything in daily life requires a change for zest and rejuvenation. A tablet with same home screen over a prolonged period causes boredom to the user. People therefore tend to customize home screens and keep repeating it periodically. The same was practised with traditional desktops and laptops. The iPad interface is user-friendly and very easy to modify. This article will help you in case you have any difficulty with home screen customization.

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