Making your browser look very nice is not compulsory for everyone. But most of the people like the stuff that pleases their eyes. With so many extensions and themes available at the Chrome online store, you can easily download and customize your favorite browser to look very great and impressive. There are themes based on virtually any topic on the earth and you can choose which ever you like the most.

By choosing the right kind of Google themes for your Chrome browser, you can add to the looks of your computer and flaunt it to the outsiders. The impression and the feelings created by a customized theme are totally different that the simple and blunt theme provided by Chrome in default. There are many Customize Google Chrome themes and extensions on the Chrome web store available. The good news is that many of them are free of all cost and you can instantly download them and decorate your desktop.

The themes enable you to have decorated, specialized views of your browser. Some people prefer to download and install just the Homepage themes which are specially designed to give a new and fresh look to the homepage screen in the Google Chrome browser. These will allow you to get rid of the boring and monotonous starting screens at the Google Chrome start window which lands you to your home page. By getting a theme, you can change the appearance of the screen and give it a very fresh look.

Besides just your Chrome browser, Google has also extended their themes to Gmail, the mailing service from Google. What this does is to allow the users to set the custom Google themes in their Gmail accounts and have a beautiful mailing experience at Gmail.

With so many new extensions and plug-ins coming from the third-party developers and the openness in the Chrome web store, there is no doubt that we can see further developments in this department and can expect a whole new level of customization in future. The Google themes are a very good strategic move from the developers to glue the users to their Chrome browsers. However unless the speed of efficiency doesn't decrease, there is no reason why the users will switch their browsers.

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