When arranging the pipeline system, it is necessary to cut pieces of pipes of the desired length. To do this, there is a special tool and use for this hacksaw in any case not necessary. This you yourself only complicate the work. The most convenient tools for cutting plastic pipes are cordless pipe cutters, special scissors, and roller pipe cutters.

With the help of a copper pipe cutter, you can cut plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 38 millimeters. Using this tool is easy and convenient. The principle of operation of the roller pipe cutter is similar to the work of the glass jar seamer. For cutting the pipe cutter is simply put on the pipe and rotates around its axis. After two or three turns, you need to tweak the roller a little so that the cutter goes deeper into the pipe wall. Cutting is carried out very quickly, and the cut itself is perfectly flat. The disadvantage of the roller pipe cutter is that they cannot be used when the pipe is laid too close to the wall. However, this disadvantage is important only when dismantling the system, but not when installing a new one.

Now many manufacturers of soldering machines for polypropylene pipes attach special scissors to these machines for cutting. However, they are sold separately. These scissors consist of two main parts - a sharp knife located on the top and a lower holder. There are scissors on sale that can cut plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 26 millimeters. Also sold scissors for pipes with a diameter of 42 millimeters. We recommend that you opt for the second option. Using scissors for cutting plastic pipes is as simple as regular scissors. That is, the knife must be positioned exactly at the cut and squeeze the handles of scissors. The cut turns out ideally equal and without agnails. In essence, after this, the pipes can be immediately soldered.

The cordless pipe cutter is the same electrically operated scissors. Such a tool is needed professional plumbers who cut pipes often and a lot. When cutting, the hand does not get tired at all, and it takes no more than five seconds to cut a single pipe. Such a tool can cut plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 42 millimeters and no more.

Of course, plastic pipes can be cut with a grinder, but you will need to buy a special cutting disc for the metal. However, without a certain skill, evenly cut the pipe will not work. Skilled craftsmen sometimes use the electric jigsaw for cutting plastic pipes. In this case, the end of the pipe may be skewed. To avoid this, the pipe must be turned several times around its axis during cutting.

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