Based on my own findings (and experience), nearly all guys assume that they have to impress a girl to be able to date her. Unfortunately, that's completely the wrong approach; if you find out how to date a girl from guys who already did it, you'll learn that having false attitude or even lying won't lead to healthy relationship. Being truthful is the simplest way to begin it; you might not get the result that you want, yet it is better compared to get ditched later when your girlfriend found out about your lies.

That being said, there is no need to pour all of your problems and troubles to her. Women like guys who are able to take care of his own problem, so during conversation, keep the topic regarding yourself minimum and focus on her interest and your common ground. Make an effort to keep mental note on what she said about herself since those can be handy in the future. Avoid moody subjects like politics, war, or economy. Furthermore, act normally and avoid excessively compliment her; you do not want to appear as being needy or desperate.

If you wish to learn how to date a girl successfully, get accustomed to PRESERVE eye contact. Many guys simply cannot look at the eye of the girl they like directly since it makes them nervous. If she realized that, you will place yourself below her and she might thinks you're not on her level. Don't let this happen to you; maintain eye contact and keep your body relaxed to show that you’re on the same level as her and you are confident enough being around her. Keep eye contact is vital issue as you need to be able to do this ever since the very first time she sees you approach her; read more about this at how to approach girls.

Watch the way you treat her. I’ve study a lot of relationship guide that tell you to behave “all high and mighty” in front of her in order to express “I don’t really care for you but you can be my girlfriend” message. This method can work and you’ll position yourself in control over her constantly. The other approach is being too nice; carry out whatever she wants and go whenever she told you. With this method, most of the time you will end up being her “courier” or “best friend”, but sometimes it works too.

So, how to date a girl while treating her correctly? The answer is in between both of them. You want to place yourself on the same level as her and respect her opinion and expectation, not controlling her or being controlled by her. This is easier to be said than done, but fundamentally you should treat her as your equal “partner”, not “master” or “slave”. This is especially essential if the girl is an attractive girl with countless other men ready to do anything for her or try to attract her by treat her like a bitch; either way, you must make her notice that you want her for the way she is (attitude, hopes, dreams, expectation, actions, etc), not only for her looks.

If you have read all of the above suggestions, I think you already know how to date a girl, but let just round it up:

1. Be honest from the start; no one would like to be lied to and a fake beginning will ensure quick relationship. Don't place yourself below her or vice versa; stay cool and confident being around her.

2. Treat the girl as a human with ideas and feelings, not only sex object or something that based only on her looks. Value her interest and dreams and keep looking for your common ground.

Being know how to date a girl does not mean that you will always get the girl you want, but it will give you healthy relationship which based on respect. Remember that if someone cannot love you the way you are, you'll bound to come across another person that can.

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