There is a lot of anticipated stress that comes with filing an insurance claim. It can be a challenging and confusing process, especially when it involves your roof having significant storm damage. Cobar Roofing, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, would like to share some useful tips on how to file a successful insurance claim for your roofing replacement.

Prepare the Necessary Paperwork

If you have encountered storm damage it is important that you file a claim to your insurance company. This ensures that you will receive the most compensation possible for your roof. Missing documents and not having the correct information can compromise your chances of receiving money from your insurance company. Therefore, we recommend calling a reliable roofing company before contacting your insurance company. All Out Roofing will take photos of your roof and work with the insurance adjusters to assist you.

File the Claim Immediately

After any storm it is smart to visually assess your roof from the ground. It’s also best to call a professional roofing company like All Out Roofing to conduct a more thorough roof inspection. Our company specializes in evaluating roofing systems after storms. We will document all roof damaged and present evidence to support your claim upon filing. Our team is also qualified and insured to assess your damage, and we have years of experience working with roof adjusters to produce the best outcome possible for the homeowner.

Once you identify that your roof has storm damage, notify your local reliable roofing company immediately. So that they can meet with your insurance company, right away. Having your roofer be there with your insurance adjuster will better your chances of getting properly compensated.

At All Out Roofing, we can help you handle the insurance claim process and meet with your insurance adjuster. We have the years of experience under our belt to help you receive the compensation you deserve. We are here to represent you, as well as, handle all the things on the back end so you have as little stress as possible.

Your roof is as much as 50 percent of the exterior of your home. It works hard inside and out, protecting your home or business against strong winds, extreme temperatures, rain, and snow. This means that your roof should not only perform well, it should be beautiful too. You expect a roofing company to provide quality craftsmanship and materials and to work to keep roof replacement costs down.

Cobar Roofing is also Top of The House certified with Owens Corning. Visit now Roofing Services in Shawnee OK for your roofing needs.

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