A stiff neck would interfere with your life and the ability to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, a stiff neck is more prevalent due to computers, phones, and other over-use devices. Using these devices compels people to crane their necks at awkward angles. The hunched position puts pressure on the soft tissues around the neck and the spinal cord. It would be wise to look for Albany neck and back experts who can help you overcome chronic pain. Here are tips to overcome a stiff neck at home:

Create an Ergonomic Workplace

A static workplace can contribute to a stiff neck, but you should ensure the workplace is ergonomic. Adjust your chair into a comfortable position ensuring the knees are lower than the hips, and the feet rest flat on the floor. Your spine should be straight and the arms level to the working desk. The computer should also be at the same level as the eye, mouse, and keyboard should be ergonomic, it would be wise to stretch and move frequently.

Limit Using Your Phone

You pull your neck down every time you lean down to look at your phone. It would be wise to limit the phone use, but if it is necessary to use it frequently, you can keep it at the same level as the eye. Again, you should avoid holding the phone between the neck and the ear when making a call. Using earbuds and headphones might prevent the strain from phone overuse, and it could help to take a break from the phone hourly. You can stretch after using the phone for an extended time.

Avoid Driving for Longer Periods

Driving for a long time has the same effect as sitting in your workstation for an extended period. It would be better to take breaks from a long drive, stand up, and stretch occasionally. If you are a professional driver, you can set the alarm to check your posture while driving. Set the driver’s seat to provide adequate spinal support to prevent spinal pain and stiff neck. Texting while driving is illegal, dangerous, and bad for the neck and spinal cord as you would repetitively look down from time to time.

Stretch Frequently

You can stretch periodically to prevent a stiff neck; stretching involves rolling the shoulders back and forth. You can squeeze the shoulder blades together several times and move from one ear to another. Again, you can turn the head from one side to another frequently to prevent neck stiffness.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Your sleep position may affect your neck; sleeping on the side or back puts less strain on the spine and neck. However, when you are sleeping on your stomach, you would be forcing the neck to strain for an extended period causing pain and stiffness.

Final Thoughts

A stiff neck can cause chronic pain that does not go away for an extended period, but you can frequently stretch. You can withdraw from using your devices for a long time and take long drives for several days. You can contact your doctor if the home therapy does not alleviate the neck pain.

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