So you haven’t been in a plane in years. The last time you were, perhaps you thought you were going to die, just like the first time, the second time and each other second you spent on that airplane. Obviously, you have a condition called aerophobia, a term which speaks for itself and, thus, needs not the slightest explanation. Maybe, what you would be more interested about is how to overcome this fear. If you're asking if people ever get over aerophobia, of course, they do. They better news is, you've got everything in control.

You need to stop watching those air catastrophe documentaries on tv or YouTube which you may be ironically fond of if you’re serious about treating yourself. The same goes for movies that show crashing aircraft as you guessed it. Whether or not they are linked to flying as these could make negative vibes that only compound your fears, you also have to keep away from negative thoughts. Try watching TV shows or read stories about people who actually have conquer their aerophobia and don’t take their tips for granted.

One thing you need to develop when trying to overcome fear flying is trust - not necessarily in the crew or anyone directly connected to the flight but trust in life in general and the beautiful things that can happen. The only thing you need to realize when dealing with aerophobia is that most of the time, this fear is more about the fear of losing someone or something than it is of flying. Try to explore your emotions and find that fear within you in your most solitary moments. Then try to look the reasons after it. Once you get hold of what you're looking for, you'll have a greater chance at training yourself to be more rational inflight.

Or then again, basing on the world's worst airline statistics, you can simply snap out of it and think that you've got 1 in 1.13 million chances of figuring in an air catastrophe. If you take a look at the statistics of the world's best airlines, the chances are even more remote by up to seven times. Only irrationality can make you fear flying and it should be enough to encourage that your phobia is unjustified, worthless and just downright illogical.

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