Excessive anger wont only damage your health but it might force you to do things that you will regret later on.
its not uncommon that a person loses a friend or says something that annoys a close person during anger bouts. That’s why each and every person must learn how to control his anger even if he don’t get angry often.
In fact people who rarely get angry might show a more aggressive response when someone manages to trigger their anger!
In this post I will tell you how to manage your anger.
Effective methods to control your anger
1) Decide to take actions later: lets suppose that you decided to take a strong action as a result of your anger, be it that you decided to breakup, in such a case tell yourself that you will take that action in few hours or even the next day. Most anger bouts are short lived and by the time the next day comes you will realize that you were exaggerating the problem
2) Don’t allow thoughts to grow in your mind: anger starts by a small spark which then feeds on your angry thoughts until it turns into rage. In such a case the best way to control anger is to stop feeding this spark. Lets suppose that you got angry at a friend because he did something bad to you. In such a case you need to call that person and settle things with him directly because if you avoided him then your angry thoughts are going to increase.
3) Make what annoys you clear: your close friends, your relationship partner and the people you live with must be aware of the things that really annoy you so that can avoid them. You also need to do the same, know what makes the close ones angry and avoid doing it. Lets suppose that a friend of yours is so punctual in such a case make sure you arrive on time even if you are the kind of person who arrives late.
4) Do something that can change your mood: once you become angry try to do anything that can change your mood. Watch a movie, meet a close friend who is known for his sense of humor or exercise. In fact, one of the best times to exercise is while being angry. Not only you will calm down after you are done but you will exercise with great motivation thanks to the power of anger.
5) Wash your face: this might sound like a strange advice but in fact it was found that water calms down the angry person. If you became angry in a place where you can wash your face then do it, you will find yourself acting calmer and you might save yourself from doing big mistakes

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