When dealing with a parent with narcissistic tendencies, boundaries are essential. It can be very difficult to let go of the hooks of wanting approval from a mother or father who is supposed to love you, support you and encourage you, yet as a result of his or her narcissistic personality disorder traits is unable to do so.

Obviously as a child you were unable to create boundaries and separate yourself from the enmeshment and dependency you had with your narcissistic parent. You may have received the treatmentof never feeling good enough, having to achieve or serve in order to receive any ‘love’ and you may have been the brunt of severe mistreatment, projections and extreme neglect. One thing is for certain,when dealing with a narcissistic parent, and that is, it is always about him and her, and your needs, feelings and requirements are a very low priority.

As an adult, once discovering the truth about narcissistic personality disorder, and seeing the narcissistic traits that have manifested in your parent, your mission is to heal and preserve the wellbeing of yourself. It is very important to understand that the approval, safety and love that you have craved from this parent will not be forthcoming, and truly the narcissistic wounds of feeling unlovable and not good enough can be healed by you when you become unconditional love and acceptance to yourself.

In order to realise whether or not you can maintain any relationship with your narcissistic parent means learning how to honour yourself. And this means letting go of the guilt of feeling enmeshed into serving and supporting your narcissistic mother or father. It is not your job to allow the abuse to continue or to leave yourself open to be used as a source of narcissistic supply, or continue to be thetarget of narcissistic projection.

Boundaries are key. They mean speaking up about your truth and your requirements. If your parent truly hasnarcissistically personality disorder, this boundary will be disrespected, twisted and ignored. Then you will have your answer, and know that this narcissistic person, parent or not, is not relevant to your self-created healthy life.

The hooks with a narcissistic parent can be powerful and extremely painful. Trust your emotions and how you feel when this parent contacts you, narcissistically projects at you, or uses you for narcissistic supply. If you know this is damaging you, then it is your responsibility to create the wellbeing in your life that you truly want to live. There are many individuals upon empowering themselves, who have honoured their truth, let go of guilt and the wanting of approval or a healthy relationship, and created appropriate no contact with a narcissistic parent in order to achieve sanity and a healthy narcissistic free life.

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