Effectively dealing with and managing the great pain brought about by having hemorrhoids when pregnant is no easy job indeed. If you have been diagnosed as having hemorrhoids, you should learn some simple things which you can do by yourself at home as a form of hemorrhoids treatment in order to reduce the pain associated with hemorrhoids.

In order to carry out hemorrhoid treatment at home, you will need to have all of the items listed below
Foods which are rich in fiber
Plenty of drinking water
Some medicated pads with hot water (these are optional)

You should start taking preventive hemorrhoids treatment right away. This is very important because if you do not deal with the current hemorrhoids, their presence may lead to you developing new ones which you should seek to avoid at all costs.

A preventive cure for hemorrhoids involves simply ensuring that you get vitamin A in adequate amounts in your diet. Foods which are rich in vitamin A include carrot juice and spinach. You may also opt to take nutritional supplements for additional vitamin A.

You should drink plenty of water while at the same time get additional fiber in your diet by increasing your intake of dark green leafy vegetables. This makes your stool much softer and therefore helps to relieve constipation.

Taking a hot sitz bath helps in relieving hemorrhoids. You should sit in a bathtub having some inches of warm water for a period of about fifteen minutes. Ensure that the skin in the region around the anus has been dried thoroughly so as to ensure the skin is not damaged due to the remaining moisture. However, in case soaking in a bathtub several times during the day is not an option for you; you have the option of using a hot compress which is equally effective as well as a cure for hemorrhoids.

Additionally, some topical creams which are available over the counter are useful hemorrhoid treatments as they help in relieving the pain caused by a hemorrhoid. You could also try applying some degree of counter-pressure during your bowel movements. This can help by protecting the skin. For this purpose, you may use just a piece of toilet tissue or alternatively you may opt for a medicated pad. You could as well apply a layer of some petroleum jelly to the area affected which may also protect the open wound resulting from an injury incurred during bowel movement.

Finally, it has been noted that hemorrhoids aren’t common in the cultures where people usually squat during bowel movements. Therefore, you could try squatting for your bowel movements as a preventive cure for hemorrhoids. Place your feet carefully on the toilet seat on both sides. Make sure that you watch your balance.

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