How To Deal With In Laws You Don't Like And Keep Your Marriage: How To Deal With Horrible In Laws

Marriage does not only involve you and your spouse but it also involves dealing with in-laws. It is a fact of life and to keep your marriage you also have to know how to manage the people that matters to your spouse which are the in-laws.

Dealing with in-laws can be a real challenge and the following tips will help you in establishing harmonious and good relationship with your in-laws.

Know the reason behind the bad feelings of your in-laws towards you. Sort out and recognize the reasons why your in-laws are having ill-feelings about you. Is it jealousy? Is it about money matters? Are your in-laws scared that their relationship with their son or daughter will not be the same because of you? There are many possible reasons and you have to know the exact reason so that you know what you are dealing with. Dealing with in-laws may not be easy but it is easier to find a solution if you can identify the problem.

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Talk with your in-laws. It can be very helpful in building good relationship with your in-laws if you can communicate and talk with them regularly. Talk to them a lot to let them know that the communication lines are always open. You do not have to open heavy and overwhelming topics but make the conversation light and stress free. By establishing a good communication lines, you and your in-laws will eventually get closer with each other. Communication is one of the best tools in dealing with in-laws.

Do something to bridge the gap between you and your in-laws. Your father and mother-in-law are the parents of your spouse and it is important to have a good relationship with them. Treat them like your own parents and it is your duty to do something to bridge the gap between you and your in-laws. Find out what are the things that can melt their heart. Learn the tips and tricks on how to get closer with in-laws by asking your spouse, asking your own parents, reading books and asking advice from experts. There is nothing wrong in seeking advice in dealing with in-laws because it can make your marriage stronger.

If you want to keep your marriage you have to know how to deal with every aspect of your marriage.

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Are you seeking the secret to how to have a happy marriage? You should be very proud of yourself for asking that question. You would be surprised how many people actually will go ahead and keep living in a miserable marriage, or one that is just completely dead and boring without doing anything about it. Unfortunately a boring marriage often will lead to infidelity within a marriage. The other thing that can happen is just anger and resentment from one spouse to the other.

So again, be proud of yourself for searching the answer for a happier marriage.

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Happy Marriage?

It wasn't that long ago that I was asking the same exact thing, and quite often actually. I was starting to second guess whether or not there even was such a thing. When you come from a where your own parents are divorce, you may go into the situation already thinking that divorce was inevitable anyways. How terrible is that? This mindset had a terrible affect on my marriage from the beginning, and it made my marriage pretty darn miserable for many years. I had to figure out how to make my marriage work, because frankly it was a mess.

The Magic Bullet to Happiness in Marriage?

But I had a problem trying to find that ONE magic bullet that was going to repair my marriage. The search, often getting me nowhere, led to a ton of disappointment and heartache. It was almost like the person who falls for each and ever get-rich-fast scheme out there time and time again. Basically, if you always want a quick and easy way out, you'll likely be very disappointed.

And guess what? When you keep feeling disappointed over and over again, then it begins to seem like there is absolutely no fix to a troubled marriage.

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This is What I Learned In Order to Have a Happy Marriage...

The most important lesson I learned about how to have a happy marriage was that it's not so much about the end result that you achieve, but it's about the entire journey of getting there. I know that sounds cliché but it's the truth. And the faster you get a grip on this, then the faster you'll be able to start building a happy marriage.

Here's the deal. There are tons of aspects to a marriage that can make it happy, or make it qualify as successful. Now you've probably heard that communication is the biggest key. It's true that it is important, but what's more important is the prelude to this communication. Your perception of your spouse, and understanding their role (as well as your own) is vitally important.

The One Thing that You Have to Remember When It Comes to Marriage

There are plenty of other things as well to get through on the way to have a happy marriage. The direction of your marriage, and all of the little obstacles that hop in the way like power struggles etc.There's really one thing that you have to remember about your marriage. It's not always going to be...nor does need to...always be perfect.

Your marriage may not really even need to be fixed. What it does need to do is blossom and improve on a consistent basis. If that doesn't happen, then your marriage is dead, and looking for how to have a happy marriage is basically useless. Of course not every dead marriage results in divorce. Sometimes it just results in a long miserable life of unhappiness...only with a companion. The better thing to do is learn how to have a happy marriage, and enjoy one another forever.

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Searching for ways to rescue a failed marriage takes great strength and diligence. It can be confusing at times because in your heart you want to save a broken marriage but in your mind, you are wondering if your marriage can be rescued. Well, I would suggest that you follow your heart and do whatever you can to save your failed marriage.

Once you have convinced yourself that it's worth saving your marriage it will be easier to find strength you need to put forth your best effort to save your marriage. Therefore, make sure that your mind and heart are on the same page.

Steps to Rescuing a Failed Marriage

Step 1 - Dig into your marriage a little bit and confirm what's sinking your marriage. Look beyond the obvious and clarify what's really causing you and the love of your life to be going in opposite directions.

Step 2 - Prioritize the problems you need to address in fixing your failed marriage. Then determine which problems can be fixed immediately and which ones will take months or years to address. If you have some minor problems that you can address quickly which will allow you to focus on the more serious ones later, get rid of these first. It will help build up momentum and faith that your failed marriage can be saved if you begin to have successes in overcoming some problems.

Step 3 - Have an open and honest discussion about the problems in your marriage. It's important to be transparent with your spouse and let him or her know how you feel about the marriage you believe has failed. Please remember that honesty doesn't mean you need to say whatever is on your mind. Don't lay all the blame on your spouse for the marriage problems you have. Make sure you share in the failures and successes in you marriage.

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Step 4 - Agree to fight fairly. There may be some things that your spouse has done that frustrates and angers you. Please resist the urge to bring up stuff from the past that you know will hurt your spouse. If you do you run the risk of pushing your spouse further away and make it more challenging to rescue your failed marriage.

Step 5 - Apologize for things you have done or not done. If you are honest with yourself you have probably had a hand in destroying your marriage. Think about the key areas in your marriage where you have let your spouse down. Discuss these with your spouse and let him or her know how sorry you are for not meeting their needs in these areas.

Step 6 - Forgive your spouse, when he or she needs forgiving. As you work on fixing your failed marriage your spouse will no doubt ask you for forgiveness. Make sure when you say "I forgive you" it's not just words you say because it's the right thing to say. Your attitude and actions must back up your "I forgive you".

Step 7 - Commit to not fighting for at least the 30 days. Fighting in a failed marriage often times can get so out of control that things are said and done that make divorce seem more and more likely. It doesn't mean you can or will agree on everything. However, there is no benefit in yelling, nasty sarcasm or storming out of the room or house. Treat each other with kindness and gentleness for the next 30 days and your failed marriage may turn around faster than you imagined.

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Learning "how to repair my marriage" after fights and separations had seemed next to important to me, and it must be how you're feeling now. And I absolutely sympathize with you - since I have lived the same thing. I thought my spouse was sure to leave me forever even if I had done everything I could in order to keep him in the marriage and stop a divorce. So trust me - I know what I am talking about when I say I know how impossible fixing a marriage can look like. But real solutions are not far away, at all.

If you are asking yourself "how to repair my marriage", then the first thing you have to consider is that you have to stop the blame game. In a relationship, when one side's feelings begin to change and the other side realizes this; he or she starts to blame the partner for not being in love anymore. Stop this, and stop blaming your husband, because it will not save your marriage. It will just make him more fed up with it. Do things that your husband likes - do the chores around the house, and make him feel special. Start an effort to make things better in your relationship.

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Of course, another big factor that breaks marriages is the fact that everyday life is stressful. Marriage means being involved with each other during the stresses of everyday life; stresses such as financial issues, paying bills, raising children and so on. Especially if there's a current problem in matters such as this, it can be reflected on the state of your marriage greatly; and cause big problems in your relationship. So, now, assess the situation and think about any current issues in your life. If there is one, you have to find a solution. If that means that you have to compromise, do so. If neither side compromises, any problem could grow big enough to threaten the entire marriage. So, if you are looking for the answer to the question of "how to repair my marriage", you have to take this into consideration. Think about the issue, and balance it in your mind. Is it big enough or important enough to risk your marriage? If not, know that a compromise goes a very long way in repairing a marriage.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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