How To Deal With Premature Ejaculation: How To Perform Longer In Bed - How To Tackle Premature Ejaculation

A serious problem for a lot of guys is premature ejaculation. It's so serious that many guys end up ejaculating before they have even gotten undressed. Obviously this can be very embarrassing and extremely frustrating.

Are you someone that premature ejaculates much too early? If so, you are definitely not alone. A ton of guys suffer from this in a serious "clothes still on" type manner.

Here's how to deal with this problem:

-Know that it will get better. The more sexual encounters you have the better you will be able to last. One of the common reasons for ejaculating too quickly, is lack of sex experience. Often this is a self feeding loop, as one bad experience usually causes guys to stop seeking out intimate situations, thus they never get the experience they need to last longer. You should continue to seek out these experiences. Just focus on make out sessions and developing control through these situations. Don't take it farther than that though. You want to be in good shape before you go for bedroom experiences.

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-Exercises will help tremendously. You can get yourself in shape for the bedroom by learning exercises that will strengthen the muscles responsible for ejaculation. So basically, once you feel ejaculation coming on you can flex this muscle and if you've trained it strongly enough, the flexing should hold off the quick ejaculation.

-Mental issues are usually always part of the cause. This is actually good news. Once you realize that A LOT of your premature ejaculating is due to very common, and normal, mental issues, then you can learn how to deal with them and basically last way longer than normal. I realized that anxiety was partly a cause of my quick ejaculating. I didn't want to believe it, but finally accepted and understood that it was. Once I realized this I could actually get through a "clothes on" make out session without ejaculating.

So there is definitely hope out there for not only learning how to last longer, but actually getting to the point where you can last as long as you wish and become an extremely masterful, long lasting lover. Some of the guys out there who can last the longest, are actually guys who used to be horrible premature ejaculators. They've worked the exercises, dealt with the mental issues and became determined to not only make it into the bedroom but become masterful long lasting lovers.

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As men, almost all of us want to give our women mind-blowing sex.

It's just a fact... you, me and the next guy -- we all want to SEXUALLY SATISFY our women in bed.

And if you want to improve your 'sexual skills' and truly satisfy your woman - there are many things you can work on...

You could:

- Experiment with different sex positions
- Make the sex really dirty

You get the idea... the list of things you could do to make your sex sessions better is endless.

With all that said, if you really want to sexually satisfy your woman and give her MIND-BLOWING SEX every time you 'get it on' with her... there's one thing you must do that is way more important than anything else.

Do you know what that one thing is?

Yeah, that's right.

You must give your woman ORGASMS.

Now here's the thing...

30% of women have never had an orgasm, meaning many guys absolutely suck in bed.

And the vast majority of men only give their women clitoral orgasms.

However, women have a massive potential for SEXUAL PLEASURE and can experience lots of different kinds of orgasm.

They can have clitoral, vaginal, nipple, squirting, anal and even 'mindgasms'. ('Mindgasms' are orgasms where you make your women climax using only your voice).

The bottom line is this... In order to give your woman mind-blowing sex and make her brag to her friends about how good you are in the bedroom -- you must sexually satisfy her beyond her wildest dreams and one clitoral orgasm is not going to get the job done.

I'm just being honest with you here -- it's not enough.

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Right now, I'm willing to bet that the question you are asking yourself is this:

"How exactly do I give my woman all those different types of orgasm?"

And the answer is all to do with three things.

Three things that most men don't have...

1. Sound sexual beliefs

2. Good knowledge of the female body and sex techniques that really work

3. The ability to TAKE CONTROL and lead your woman in the bedroom

Now stay with me here because this is really important.

For most guys, they only think in terms of their woman's clitoris when it comes to making her climax.

Lots of guys think that 'size matters' and that they don't have enough 'size' to sexually satisfy a woman.

Those are examples of bad sexual beliefs. Can you see how beliefs like that would ruin a guy's chances of giving his woman mind-blowing sex?

Now let's talk about the female body and SEX TECHNIQUES.

To give your woman vaginal, squirting and anal orgasms -- you need to know where her G-Spot is and where her Deep Spot is located.

You also need to know the correct sex techniques that should be used to excite those areas and make your woman have powerful orgasms.

The last thing (and possibly the most important thing) we are going to talk about is the fact that you must be able to TAKE CONTROL and lead your woman in the bedroom if you want to give her mind-blowing sex.

The reason why you must do this is because women tend to be sexually submissive in the bedroom and submissive women want their men to take control.

And One Last thing...

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It is easy for a girl to have multiple orgasms. The research has shown that they do not need to have penetrating sex to achieve an orgasm. For most of the girls, the process of orgasm starts way before the actual act.

In order to be ready for sex the girl needs to be mentally prepared. So if you want your girl to have multiple orgasms here are some things that you should keep in your mind and do it.

o Making her mentally and physically ready is the first step. For that you have to make her comfortable and create the romantic ambiance. Spend some time talking to her and making her relaxed.

o Once she is relaxed engage in foreplay. A girl likes it that way and kissing is an important part of the foreplay. Pay attention to other parts of her body too and not just lips. Her reactions will tell you and show you the sensitive parts of her body. Work on them.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

o The clitoris is the most sensitive and pleasure giving part of her body. You can use your fingers to stimulate it and in case you use your tongue to do the stimulation she would love it more. Many women have told that stimulating the clitoris is the best way to achieve orgasm.

o Once she is fully aroused she will be wet. Insert your finger in her vaginal canal. About two inches inside you will find her G-Spot. Start stroking it. Put some pressure on it and while doing that again pay attention to the reactions of the girl. If she likes it keep doing it.

Make sure that the pressure is just enough so that it will be enjoyable to the girl. These are ways to make the girl achieve multiple orgasms.

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Did you know that scientific research has discovered that 70% of the sexually active female population nowadays fake their orgasms during sex? It is true. Women tend to lie like professionals when it comes to sex and they have come up with tons of strange reasons of doing so, as well. The majority of women, however, would merely prefer to lie about their orgasms rather than hurt their sexual partners' feelings.

Some women simply cringe when they think about their partners feeling inadequate because of it and, after marriage, they simply do not want to mention anything anymore, no matter how stressful it might get to keep faking it. However, this should not keep on going like this. If your woman always fakes it, there are high chances of her cheating on you or leaving you for a man that can actually truly satisfy her with real orgasms.

Therefore, let us try and end the suffering of the world's female population today by finding out how to make women orgasm for real through 3 sneaky ways. Here they are...

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Sneaky Way Number One: You do not feel any sporadic vaginal contractions. A female vagina's muscular actions during orgasms happen to be involuntarily. This means that no woman actually has control of her inner muscle clenching during orgasms.

If a woman portrays outward signs of an orgasm through loud moaning, you need to watch if there are any inner signs present, as well. Several men claim that they have not felt a woman contract during sexual intercourse before, and that simply means that the women they have slept with were all faking their orgasms. Yes - all of them.

Sneaky Way Number Two: Your woman can go again right away. If a woman has just faked an orgasm, she will end up feeling restless afterwards. On the other hand, women will be totally worn out if their orgasms were real. Several women even pass out completely after a particularly great orgasm.

Sneaky Way Number Three: Your woman does not feel any sensations. Women get very sensitive in both the physical and emotional sense after an orgasm. Therefore, if this sensitivity is not presence, that simply means that she has faked it. If, after an "orgasm", your woman still does not feel particularly ticklish on her sensitive parts, that means you have just become a victim of a fake orgasm.

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