There are so many ways you can be rejected in and there are too many reasons for you to be rejected. You can be rejected socially for your ideas or you can be rejected by the girl you are going to ask out. You can be rejected at work because you don't have a specific skill or you can be rejected by your own family for choosing to study this subject instead of what they have chosen for you in college.
Yes, you are going to be rejected in so many ways and if you don't have the ability to withstand it, you will suffer and you will fall down and then you will be able to do nothing. If you give up to rejection you will suffer and then there will be more reasons for you to be rejected. Just remember that everybody who has made it to fame and to wealth has dealt with a lot of criticism so they could make it through and just remember that no matter how good you are, someone will come along the way and they will tell you that you can't do this so you should not be here. We all go through that.

Now, if you want to deal with it the right way then you should not deal with it at all. In fact, you should disregard the rejection and smile if you have faith in your ability or yourself in general and head for the next target; however, if you do insist on going for the same target then you should try a different strategy. If the critique you have received is more positive than it is negative, meaning that it is constructive rather than destructive, you should take it in consideration; for example, if you were told that you have very little experience with that situation then you should study it and know it by heart; understand every angle of it before trying again.

But then there is the rejection which you do not want to receive, especially if comes from one of your close friends, family members or the person you are proposing to. That is going to be much harder to deal with. You might be able to deal with it your way when it comes to family and so, but when it comes to romantic rejection it becomes most devastating.
You will lose faith in yourself for a good amount of time if you don't get back to your feet immediately and think that there are other fish in the sea. You might choose to own destiny but in a relationship, there aren't two destinations. There is only one and that should always be mutual between the two people in there. You should share your success and your good times as well as you sickness and sorrowful times. So, when you are rejected romantically, you should understand that there is a reason for everything and perhaps if things went the way you wanted them to go you would have suffered in that relationship.
The best way to deal with romantic rejection is to give yourself sometime to think about it and observe where the person who has rejected you is heading.

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