When your body has to deal with any kind of demand such as physically, mentally emotionally, the body responds to it by generating a stress. This is how stress is formed. Most of us believe that stress is formed with negative emotions and thoughts, but it can also be formed with extreme positive emotions. It is normally a specific chemical that is generated and discharged into the bloodstreams. This happens something has happened or yet to happen in and around you.

The good factor of stress is that when your body generates stress subjected to positive emotions, it can be utilized to generate more energy and strength in your body. This is more helpful when the stress is formed by something related to physical activity. When you body generates stress with negative emotions it does not discharge or generate any form of energy and strength. Thus, various types of stress results only with the physical and mental responses and reaction which could be different in all individuals.

Stress is an element in our day today life. You can generate a stress being in the school, office, gymnasium, playground or almost everywhere. This happens when you are engaged with people in the environment. Stress is always related to its cause. Since your body is linked with your mind, you will experience the connection between two when being stressed. It is very important to find the cause or reason of the stress as it can have an effect on various other parts of your body.

Common stress in everyday life

Internal stress

The internal stress is formed in your mind with the common worries you have. This happens when your mind is seriously indulged thinking of an activity that has happened or yet to happen. These stress are caused in the mind and it has to be conquered or addressed quickly otherwise it will be very difficult to find a solution or resolve such stresses. Most of the people suffering from internal stress put themselves in lot of stressful situations very fast. They get stressed about the factors that are not to be stressed about.

External Stress

If you get stress caused by any activity around you are called as external stress. This can be sorted out easily without much difficulty. For instance if you get stressed with the notice generated by the music system, you can either switch it off or reduce the volume. Simple ways like these can be used to sort out this kind of stress. Even in this kind of stress, identifying the source of the stress is vital in order to avoid or resolve them. This is most easily sorted out stresses.

Stress at Work

This is the most commonly faced stress by people all around the world. These are formed by heavy work load, pressurized to achieve targets, continuous work without rest etc. These can directly affect your body by making it tired and unhealthy. Therefore whatever stress you have at the work place, always remember to have sufficient rest from your work. You can also try to reduce stress by other activities like hearing music, playing and many more.

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