Have you had stress at social media sites lately?

My friend recently asked our group of Facebook friends if they are planning to leave Facebook due to recent censorship on the site.

Other Facebook users are angry since they keep getting banned by Facebook and they don't know how to get out of Facebook Jail.

Instagram users are mad since they keep getting banned for using an unfollow app.

The conservatives are upset Facebook is censoring content.

Amazon, Google, and Apple are upset Parler isn't censoring content.

Quora users are upset that they get called "spammers" when they try to promote affiliate links on Quora.

Some Reddit users are pleased there is moderation of social media content and other Reddit users are mad there is moderation of social media content on the site.

Some Twitter users are glad Donald Trump is banned while other Twitter users are furious about the ban.

It seems no one is happy.

Over half the planet is on social media. Let me show you where I'm getting that statistic:

Two billion people are on Facebook, and one billion people are on Instagram. That's half the planet of six billion people right there.

There are more people on Snapchat and TikTok.

Over half the planet is on social media. That's a lot of angry people.

What can you do? What can anyone do?

I mean, you're not in control of social media, right?

Wrong. There's plenty you can do.

Solution 1 For instance, you can join a Reddit subreddit with moderation if that's what you prefer. Some don't have moderation. You can join those if you want.

Solution 2 Next, you can adopt the mindset that there are some things in life you can control. The decisions of Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's are two things out of your control.

Accepting that some things are just not in your power to change helps feel less frustrated.

I don't know if that was an AA mantra, but it works.

Solution 3 Compartmentalize. You don't need to spend all day on social media. Allot a little time each day for social media. That way, if it bothers you, you will be bothered less often.

Solution 4 Go to forums where others are unhappy too. "Misery loves company," as people say.

I recommend using Reddit subreddits as your forums. I personally belong to the Facebook subreddit and an Instagram subreddit. That's how I know social media users are unhappy. I read their complaints. Vent to those people instead of venting to people offline who won't understand or carrying your stress around with you. The hottest subreddits have many people in them since they are the most popular. They'll be happy to listen to your angst.

Solution 5 If you like social media, go to the Huddol social media site. Huddol's users offer emotional support for people who are stressed. They have groups on Huddol based around people looking for the same type of emotional relief.

In closing, stress is bad for your mental and physical health. This article shared five measures that will help in coping with the kind of stress you might experience using social media sites. Adopting these measures will make you both a healthier and happier person.

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