The corona virus SARS-CoV-2 is not a new virus, it is a novel mutation of the virus that triggers the disease COVID-19. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that is very difficult to distinguish from an ordinary cold or viral flu. Symptoms include fever, dry cough and muscle pain, in some cases the disease manifests itself in a general, severe feeling of illness and back pain. In a few cases, symptoms of the upper respiratory tract are also possible, including runny nose and scratching the throat, sometimes a COVID-19 disease is accompanied by diarrhea.

The risk of spreading lies with a Base reproduction number of 2.2 higher than that of normal flu caused by viruses (base reproduction number 1.2) but significantly lower than that of bacterial colds (base reproduction number between 12 and 17). To put it simply, the basic reproductive number indicates how many people are infected by an infected person on average: SARS-CoV-2 carriers infect an average of 2.2 more people, while a person with a bacterial cold infects 12 to 17 more people.

Symptoms may occur after contact with the coronavirus after an incubation period of 2.5 - 12.5 days, therefore a quarantine of 14 days is scheduled in suspected cases.

Personal trainers are working from home coronavirus. So, there have lot's of options for Home gym:


Position yourself in front of this surface where you can support your arms and do squats with your back completely straight, playing with your butt on the floor, as in the video. You can also lie on your back on the floor with a mat, legs bent, and arms stretched toward the ceiling. With a medicine ball, lower your hands without moving your elbows. You can also stand up and do dumbbells or with 1.5 / 2 liter water bottles, raise your hands to your shoulders without moving your elbows.

Step of a ladder.

It is the best option to use it as a step! The Bulgarian squat, one of the Pin Twins' favorite exercises, is one of the exercises you can do. Put one of your feet on the step, and you exact ahead. Perform a normal squat. If you put weight on your hands, you will notice greater results.

Remote personal training

Some personal trainers have launched programs to make it easier to exercise at home using fitness training online. It is a personalized program that takes into account your physical form so that you train where you want and when you want.

Multipurpose tape

To put your figure in order, it is essential to find the moment to carry out certain exercises that will help us achieve our goal. In that case, the Sprinter elastic band will allow you to tone various parts of your body for about 6 euros. Being a small accessory with little weight you can carry it in your bag anywhere and anywhere to carry out your training routine in your little spare time.

Waff mat

It is one of those "toys" that every fitness lover has at home. When practicing with Waff, the nervous system will store an internal plane of the newly learned sensation that will help us move more efficiently.

Yoga mat

It is a good opportunity to start yoga, since it is an activity that provides inner peace, reduces anxiety and improves the quality of sleep, relieves muscular tension and chronic postural pain, improves flexibility, strengthens muscles and bones, provides greater awareness and promotes concentration, among other things.

Fluid sliders

If they are not part of your fitness routine, it is time to include them. O'LIVE sliders are very versatile and provide an unstable training surface that allows you to simulate many slide exercises on a slide. They help you work various muscle groups while activating the core muscles during the execution of the movement. Sliders transform exercises into smooth, fluid movements, as well as providing you with the flexibility your body needs.


Although it is not a fitness routine that you carried out before, surely you will keep an old rope in some drawer or in the attic. It is one of the activities that tones the most! Your legs, arms, and abdomen will work in unison to get fit.

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