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The death of a pet can be as painful as losing a family member or a friend. If you have spent so many years with it and you have given it special attention and love, then both of you have already developed a special bond. Losing your pet means the possibility of losing that special relationship too.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to better cope with pet loss:

1. Deal with the grief. Do not let anyone tell you it is silly to cry over a pet. It is definitely normal to feel so sad or even mourn the death, especially if you have treated it as family. You are the only person who understands your pain. Nevertheless, be open to being consoled or comforted. You can obtain a lot of inner strength from them.

2. Find a grief support group. There are actually many support groups that deal with pet loss, and it may be best to participate in one of them. It can be helpful if you surround yourself with people who have gone through your experience. You can get excellent pointers on how to effectively deal with the loss and move on with your life without your pet.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. You do not have to grieve alone. If you have friends or family members who give off positive energy, you may want to invite them over your home or meet them over lunch or dinner. Their mere presence can uplift your sadness, and you will start getting to terms with the loss.

4. Accept the reality. Like all other living things, pets do die. It is just a matter of when. When you get to accept this hard fact, you will be more open to the possibility of losing it someday. When that day comes, you no longer have to deal with deep grief.

5. Make use of subliminal messages. You can also use subliminal messages to help you better deal with the death of your pet. You can listen to mp3s or your own prerecorded subliminal messages daily while you are meditating or visualizing. The purpose of using subliminal messages is to change your negative emotions and thoughts, if not completely eliminate them.

Some of the lines you can use are the following:

I accept the death of my pet.
I know that life has its own end.
My pet's death does not put an end to our relationship.
I embrace the end of all living things.

6. Do not get a pet. You need to remember this. Many immediately adopt or buy a pet while still on the grieving process only to realize they cannot give it the love and care it truly needs. This is because the pet just reminds you of the one that died. Allow yourself to heal first before you do so. In fact, just go with the flow. If a new pet comes along and you definitely sense you can establish a new bond with it, then by all means make it your own.

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