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… We hear in the media daily about financial problems, people losing jobs, having debt, in other words a lot of negative, contracting and depressing statements. This creates a lot of suffering for many people and so the problems deepen even further. We are all connected and fear spreads quickly. In today's article I'll give you some guidance to step out of the place of uncertainty and lead your life with Inner Peace and Confidence regardless of the situation.

How is it possible to find inner peace regardless of the situation? ...In the past the news used to bother me and I could feel insecure. What I've learned over the years is that you can’t solve a problem when you are a part of it. In other words:

You can’t feel secure by having the thoughts of insecurity;
You can’t become wealthy by having the thoughts of scarcity;
You can’t become healthy by thinking and focusing on illness.

and so when uncertain times surround you my friend the only way to have your inner peace is to find your state of security within...

… Our mind likes to have all planned, prefers routine, everything in order and so when the outside events become uncertain, it feels threatened, insecure and fearful. As we know the mind is a part of ego and is not your higher self or real self. Real self is much more intelligent, eternal, secure, fears nothing and is connected to God, Universe or Source. So the more we can identify ourselves with the higher self rather than the lower, the more Inner Peace we will be able to establish. Now let's look at:

6 Simple Tips on How to Stay Calm in Times of Uncertainty:

#1 Meditate.

Mind hates stillness and it is a part of our ego. It has a voice and chats constantly. :) That voice is telling us many things about times being tough and bad… and so we start believe in that and accept as a reality and fact, which we feel unable to influence. There is no way to argue with this all knowing, confident, fact based voice in our heads. It can become very loud and damaging. We are conditioned by the negative thoughts from others that we start to identify them as our own. Meditation is a great tool and method to clear that voice and give the space for better thoughts and feelings. It is like giving a spring clean to your room. I don’t know better method of clearing mind, which would allow our mind access solution oriented and inspiring thoughts. Remember - You own your mind my friend and never let your mind own you. Remember as well - You are able to train it as you wish and make it your servant.

#2 Embrace the change.

Uncertainty is the time of change. We like to resist any change and it is natural, as we get attached to a routine and therefore feel secure. The stronger the resistance the stronger will be the suffering. Especially when we grow spiritually we will find a lot of change in our outside world, as when the change within happens it is reflected outside. It is good to welcome change as a challenge rather than as a problem, as it is not possible to evolve without a change. Life is all about change my friend, it is better to get used to it.

#3 Attitude of gratitude.

Why would you be grateful if you let’s say lost your life savings or a job? It is easy to start complaining and find ourselves in a state of pity. However as I mentioned before the solution or inspired thought will not come from the place of the problem itself. Gratitude gives you the power to rise above the problem, so you can bring about solution to what your situation is. When you are grateful or appreciative, you also demonstrate your ability to take responsibility for your life. This ability gives you power to become part of the creative Divine Intelligence. So rather then looking outside for someone to rescue us, blame economy, people, government, outside circumstances…etc., we all can find solution to every challenge within us. However by not being able to appreciate the current moment, we also close our mind and can't access the 'Divine Answer'. The attitude of gratitude is especially important in times of uncertainty so much more my friend than in any others.

#4 Live in the moment.

This is important and helps in any times of change. When we live in the moment, and train our mind to focus on the present, we will become more secure. It is often true that we are perfectly well equipped to deal with the present moment. When our mind wanders into 'uncertain future', we become worried and lose our inner peace. This is important to remember as it is good to plan, but when instead of positive expectations we have the thoughts of uncertainty and worry, we have to stop right there and make the shift to the present moment.

#5 Practice detachment.

It can be challenging to learn and practice detachment, but it is so worth it. The Truth is, you are so much more than anything you could identify yourself with. :) When you are attached to things like the roles you play, ideology, material possessions, you also develop a fear of losing. This is the core to a lot of pain. You are not what you identify with, it is a trick of your ego, to keep you feeling insecure. It happened to me recently. I lost my website, I did some amendments and it went blank. I didn't know what the problem was and others couldn't help. I felt that I'd lost something BIG and realized that I was in reality building a strong attachment to it. It was an eye opener for me. I thought to myself, if I was perfectly happy without it, so I can be regardless of losing it or not. It gave me a sudden release of tension, I felt inner calm, a clear mind and strong faith that all will be resolved. As soon as I felt this way, the answer came immediately. It was so unexpected and even though technically challenging, I was able to rebuild the website myself within 2 hours. The Power of Detachment is so overlooked. It helps you to be who you really are and so eliminates the fear of losing, which is the biggest fear people have. Remember you are and always be more magnificent than anything you'll ever have in this life my friend.

#6 Exercise your body.

You may think how can exercise help? Well... there are many benefits in keeping your body strong especially in times of uncertainty. Many people don’t need any medicine against stress if they just would get up and do some physical exercise. By supplying your brain with oxygen and releasing endorphins you will find yourself naturally confident and secure. Physical exercise helps to overcome uncertainty with a trust in your OWN ABILITIES my friend.

...Life is amazing unfolding and only your attitude can make this unfolding into something better. When you become active participant in the game of Life equipped with invincible faith, positive thinking, you will welcome uncertainty as you would know that something even better is waiting for you. Trust yourself my friend, it matters how you respond to uncertainty and you have a choice. When you are calm and confident you will get the best out of any situation.

Let's do this together!

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Solvita Bennett at is sharing her wisdom with people from different backgrounds to find their Inner Peace and Happiness. With more than 20 years of study and practice of Personal Growth coupled with more than 10 years experience in professional teaching gives her the ability to share her ‘Secrets to Inner Peace’ in a Simple, Easy and Practical way.