Are you contemplating starting your own business? Have you been contemplating it for months, years even? If the idea of having a business is appealing but you are still hesitating regarding the area or sector of your business, read on, as the following points might just provide you with the answers you are seeking.
1.) What holds many people back is the idea that such a business already exists. As is often the case, when you finally decide on your business, you seem to come across this type of business everywhere! I also went through this phase where I kept meeting and hearing of coaches wherever I looked. If this is the case for you, don´t despair. Seeing businesses like your dream one around you only means that there is demand for such a service or product on a much larger scale that you originally thought! You need not give up on your dream business; you only need to figure out how you will be better, different and unique within your chosen field.
2.) When choosing your business, it is much easier to do it within the industry you are familiar with, either through your previous work or studies. If that is not appealing to you, go for the area that you might not be too familiar with but you have a great passion for; and thus would be willing to learn “on the go”. Still, you are trying to turn your passion into a business; therefore you need to start looking at it from a business perspective. What does the market want? How can you deliver it in a way that is unique? What is the best way to translate your passion into profit? Having passion is not enough, if you treat it as a hobby that’s what it will become. If you make a conscious decision to establish your business based on your passion, remember to keep your “business owner hat” on at all times; it will increase your chances for success.
3.) Before you make the final decision, try and do this little exercise. Put yourself in the head of your potential customer. What does he want? What would make him reach for his wallet and pay for your product or service right away? Can you provide him with that? What can you provide that is special? In what way can you provide it? If thinking about these questions make you excited and, more importantly, if the answers come to you easily, that is your confirmation you are on the right track. You should have no worries about taking steps towards starting your own business. How to get rid of worries and make the transition to being a business owner with minimum risk will be a subject of another article. For now, enjoy the clarity you have reached and start preparing your action plan – start acting as the business owner you are aspiring to be.

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Natalie Ekberg is an international Career Transition Coach and an author. She supports business professionals through major life changes, incluidng a mid-life career change. Through empowerment and encouragement her clients they are able to live their true life vision and fulfil their potential.
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