As people get older and move vulnerable, it is reasonable to consider selling their homes and move into a senior community. However, deciding on the right time to move can be quite challenging. Below are some of the signs that assist when deciding on the right time to move.

Deteriorating Mental and Physical Health

It is common for your health to deteriorate with age. You may experience mental health diseases such as dimension or even anxiety. You might also suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart or kidney problems.

Whenever such conditions start to present themselves, it is a sign that you are becoming vulnerable. It also means that living alone could be unsafe. Therefore it is in such a time that you should consider selling your home and moving into a senior community.

Inability to Manage Your Finances

As you get old, finance management becomes overwhelming. You might find yourself having an overdrawn bank account, late notices in your mail. At times you might find yourself missing large sums of money from your account without knowing how or when it happened. This event might be a sign that you are getting too old to manage your finances and that it's time to move into senior living homes.

Difficulty in Maintenance and Housekeeping

With old age, you become exhausted when performing seemingly easy tasks like housekeeping or maintenance. This might lead to unkempt houses with unwashed dishes, dirty laundry, and even liking pipes. Therefore whenever you find yourself in a situation where old age makes it impossible to conduct simple housekeeping chores, it might be the time to move into a senior home.

Loss of Caregiver

Most elderly living in their homes tend to have a close friend or family member who check-up on them. These caregivers usually take care of their medical or financial needs and do some maintenance around the house. However, if the caregiver moves or passes away, the elderly become helpless. It is during such a time that they should enroll in a senior home.


It is common among most senior citizens living with their spouses to experience loneliness in the event of their spouses' death. At times they might even become depressed. Therefore in such an occurrence, they should move to a senior home where they can find company among other age mates.

Senior homes provide a safe-haven for the elderly. They offer a conducive environment where the elderly receive care and enjoy company from each other. Therefore, the elderly should move into these homes especially, when they find themselves in the above situations.

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Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.