When you consider the camera market, you would see that there are so many different types of cameras ranging from compact point and shoots under $200 to complex DSLR versions. There are also many leading camera brands behind the manufacture of these electronic devices. The reason why there are so many different options is that each of these different models caters to very different consumer segments and offer various level of properties such as Mega Pixel counts which are suitable for each of their different expectations. Therefore when you are looking at purchasing a digital camera you might want to consider your requirement and choose a device carefully.

Best Instances To Purchase A Pocket Camera Under 200

The most common reason why many choose to purchase a pocket camera is that there are so many good options to choose form at a very reasonable price point under 200 dollars. Most of these devices still surpass the performance of general smartphone cameras due to their higher Mega Pixel counts and optical zoom properties. These devices are ideal for beginner level photographers including the following categories.

  • Children who are interested in photography
  • Elderly photographers who want a simple and easy device to use
  • Experienced photographers who want a device which is easy to carry around

Due to the immense popularity of these cameras there are several options for you to select from falling in the category under $200. Firstly if you are not sure about what device to purchase, you might want to purchase a device from a known camera brand such as Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Fuji or Panasonic. Some of the best camera models to consider under 200 dollars include the Samsung WB1100F, Nikon COOLPIX L840, and Fujifilm FinePix S9200. Having easy to use controls, an attractive design and good automatic settings are desirable features of such a device.

When You Should Opt For A More Complex Camera

As your requirements for a more complex camera device increase, the best option is to opt for a more advanced DSLR camera. As these cameras have many more features to offer, their price point will often be above the $200 range. These cameras too are introduced by leading brands which are well established in the market. They often feature significantly higher Mega Pixel counts, better optical zoom properties and also more manual control settings targeting the experienced photographer.

Author's Bio: 

Jerome Julian is a strong lover of photography and writes about the DSLR camera under 200 dollars and recommends the budget digital cameras from popular brands like Canon, Nikon etc.