Jharokhas are great ways to give your home an Indian texture and style. Jharokhas are clearly from India, and they can enhance the style statement of your home.

At first, the Jharokhas were only Rajasthani, and that always provided a traditional look in our homes, but now as the demand of these fantastic home decorative pieces are going higher, there are a lot of designs came out of the Jharokha.

If you are searching for something like that, here are five different decorative ideas you can try in your home with these jharokhas.

Adorn the living area wall with the Jharokha: There are a lot of places you can hang a jharokha in. The living area of your house is one of those places you can try to decorate with Jharokha. Place a Jharokha in the front wall of the living room will keep the design of your living room alive.

These light-coloured (mostly) pieces of wall decoration are fantastic to have in your home. It helps to keep you calm whenever you look at the Jharokha. A modern jharokha in the light painted wall will surely make your wall look more charming. It will also create a window like the illusion that your kids will always love.

jharokha on the bedroom wall: People nowadays are living in moderate size rooms. They thus are losing options to play with their bedroom walls. They do not have many places left in the bedroom walls to decorate with. Jharkhand is some high wall decorative pieces for those who want to decorate their bedroom walls but does not have much wall space to do it. Jharokha is very small wall decorating pieces that can accommodate in smaller spaces. Plus, it will give your bedroom wall an elegant look too.

Dine Area walls: Well, wooden jharokha can find a perfect partner in the dining room walls. And when accompanied by a dining room, the Jharokha can make it look great. Imagine a dinner party where all the near and dear ones are invited, and a wall in your dining space is giving your walls a traditional look. Well, most of the people nowadays are living in a flat. They do not have a window in there dining space. A jharokha in such a get-together party will leave your guests in awe when they understand your creative mind.

Entryway and Jharokha: A jharokha in the entryway or the entrance door of your flat will tell people about your high-class approach and highly creative mind. They, while entering the home, will understand how much the homeowner has the sense to decorate his or her own home and how classy of a person he or she is. A Jharokha in the multicolour finish wall in the entrance or the entryway over the shoe rack is an excellent chance for you to impress whoever is coming inside the home instantly.

A Jharokha in the balcony: And last but not the least, A jharokha in the gallery is going to make your balcony look elegant, and the people passing on the road will be amazed by your sense of decoration. The jharokha in a balcony that has a touch of greenery will surely reflect your creative mind to the people on the road.

Not only that, it will soothe your mind every time you are going to look at them in the balcony. Set up a normal bulb in the balcony, just above the jharokha and keep it on at night. You will be amazed by watching the effect of it.

So, these were some tips you can follow to use jharokha in your house. Try these now to add a new look to your house.

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