Living away from home should never mean that you have to settle for lesser comfort or style of living. School and college dorm rooms might not be popular for their décor but you can add more color and fun to your dorm by following some easy tips.

Dorm rooms always have a space crunch and are sparsely decorated. In order to manage your dorm space well, a good idea will be to look out for some new dorm bedding that adds more warmth and comfort to your space without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also redo your walls with wall decals that come in all sizes to suit your requirement. Another way of creating more space in your dorm area is by investing in a storage bin that will help you organize your stuff easily.

While shopping for your dorm bedding makes sure you choose colors that do not need frequent washing. Choosing dark colors is a good idea since dorm rooms often become chaotic places and run high risk of spills and stains. Even in the case of wall decals and storage bins, choose colors that enhance the overall look of your dorm room.

An additional décor element in your dorm can be the use of curtains. You can use beaded curtains or simple floral prints to add a touch of privacy to your dorm area. The use of storage bins allows you a colorful platform to place lamp shades and photographic frames that can be color coordinated to uplift the mood of the small space.

Apart from the use of wall decals, storage bins and curtains you can also add fancy mirrors around you dorm area to create a feeling of more space.

These are some of the simple and cost effective ways in which you can add more color to your dorm room. There are a host of online stores that list a range of dorm bedding options, where you can find all you need to enliven your dorm room.

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Donald Baker is studying to become an architect. In the past, Donald has worked as a carpenter and as a salesperson at a furniture store. Donald believes his experience in home furnishing will help him become a better architect. Donald loves writing about architecture as well as home décor. Here he writes about how to enhance your wall decals and storage bins.