The universe of science fiction Star Wars created by George Lucas, beginning in the year 1977, is a phenomenon that cannot remain without comment. People who have lived with the saga for all these years, just like new fans are fascinated to see the episodes. It is indeed a totally different culture that requires the primary knowledge of the hundreds of characters and the subject of all seven films. "The force awakens" is the latest episode VII that was written by Lawrence Kasdan, JJ Abrams. And includes stars like Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and many more. But today we are not going to present you the cast of this film. What is the subject of this article is the Star Wars room? We love the decorations for a thematic party and we like the layout of the rooms decided on the theme of Star Wars. There are so many possibilities to recreate this beautiful world that comes from the stars.

But in this article we do not talk about these last Star Wars fans, we talk about the original groupies, the primitive warsies. Of those who almost saw The Empire Strikes Back or The Return of the Jedi in theaters, maybe in some replenishment, but they sure discovered it on VHS, we talked about a generation that slept in a bed with a Chewbacca bedspread and had a lightsaber hanging on its Wall as a trophy of a proud soldier. Even if you have already purchased the entry for Han Solo: A Star Wars story For months and go to the first session in the largest room in your city, your house has to change, maybe it has already changed.

Things you can do and things you cannot have at home if you're a Star Wars fan:

# Photographs: YES

There are dozens and dozens of pretty pictures of the actors, of the shooting. Made in the studio, still photo in the set. They are a precious tribute to your favorite characters. For example, Princess Leia: Carrie Fisher in the first films. Feminist, feminist, erotic icon.


laser saber or helmet: NO You may have spent great moments playing at being Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader - each one, your strength - but it's time to pick up the lightsaber from the wall and save the helmet Stormtrooper Although, well, there are always exceptions: if you have a unique piece of collector ... Actually, no, not for those. Keep it in a place very carefully to remove it when you get nostalgic, very nostalgic.

# Books: YES

Always. Be a Star Wars fan or even make cupcakes. But because, moreover, on the saga of George Lucas have been issued very careful copies of coffee table books to make it visible, satisfy the little fan you carry inside and create curiosity among your guests. The Making of the collection of beautiful photographs and reissued each time a 30th anniversary is celebrated. Or the Star Wars: The Original Topps Trading Card Series that, as the title says, is a compilation of all the Topps cards. And you should also have the memories of Carrie Fisher (Wishful Drinking, The Princess Diarist).

# Vinyl: NO; Illustrations: YES

This could apply to any theme, probably not only Star Wars, but as we are talking about this: Stormtroopers silhouettes vinyl, the "In a galaxy far, far away" ... can no longer be the center of your living room. However, you have out there a whole world of illustrators as fans of the saga as you creating interesting things to hang on your wall.

# Cushions, bedspreads, sheets, poufs: NO

The furniture and home galactic clothes should also go to a better life already. Those cushions of the millennial Hawk, the Chewbacca puffs, the infographic duvet cover and with stars ... it's over. Although some exceptions can be made when we talk about iconic designs: like Han Solo in carbonite as a door or office table, is it the height of freakish? Yes, but you can have a kitsch point with grace, like the wall light with Darth Vader's face.

# Toys and dolls, DEPENDS

Here there are diversity of opinions. It is more a matter of quality, quantity is no longer what matters. If the toy in question has already jumped to the design icon classification, it is very accepted. But the rest of dolls, merchandising bought on the internet or street markets around the world, even if you have them in the best of the states, you should keep them. Keep them well, in a place of easy access. No one is saying to give up such an important part of your life. It's just that they do not fit on the shelf anymore.

The decoration is, therefore, a more important element than it appears in the universe of Star Wars derivatives. Any good fan desires that his interior reflects his passion, without looking like a teenager's room, and the kids are also fond of "Star Wars Art" decoration. The offer is therefore extremely varied, there are even genuine works of art inspired by the films, and the fan community strives to make up for the shortcomings by proposing original creations on the internet.

The decoration of your home has indeed become for some fans of the Star Wars a very serious business. The basic element remains the poster, be it the Star Wars 7 poster or an obscure Soviet poster of the first opus, a shooting picture or a painting inspired by the saga. But manufacturers have understood the value of offering more elaborate decorations, especially with regard to children's rooms, and some passionate handymen will even make their own Star Wars decoration elements.

The vast majority of commercially available accessories are for decorating your rooms. Wall stickers are particularly popular, especially because they are quite easy to put on. The simplest represent an important character of the saga, like Luke Skywalker or Master Yoda. But some giant stickers cover a whole wall, and create the illusion of a window overlooking a landscape or a space battle emblematic of the saga! Accompanied by a Star Wars wallpaper and some good old posters, these stickers will give a futuristic stamp to any child's room too.

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