With technological advances, more and more products are coming onto the market, but some are yet to catch the eye of the public. One in particular, however, is catching many people’s eyes in the form of a moon lamp from Lunar Effects.

These are a different concept to traditional lamps in that they are a replica of the moon and make a perfect addition to your home, your office, or even your outdoor area (assuming it is well covered from potential weather hazards).

Moon lamps certainly offer something away from the traditional lamp whether it is for the table, a mantel piece or even to place next to your bed. You’ll be sure to be impressed by the beauty offered by these lamps.

Since civilisation began, the moon has been a central figure in our universe and is still an amazement for us all when we look up into the clear sky and see a full moon shining in all it’s glory. The last 50-60 years have seen huge advances in technology and we have now been able to set foot on the moon and study it much closer than we ever thought might be possible.

These technological advances here on earth have seen us move into 3D printing technology and this has helped the production of moon lamps. Lunar Effects are able to replicate the moon’s surface via NASA satellite imagery and place this onto the 3D lamps they create.  This means that when you pick up the moon lamp, it has a rough feel and texture which replicate the actual craters, and shadows which is even more evident when you turn the lamp on. You are able to see exquisite details to show just how beautiful the lamps are.

The lamps themselves are easy to operate with a metallic sensor located at the bottom of the lamp next to the charging port. A simple touch to the sensor will turn the lamp to a soothing cool white, while another touch will see it change to warm yellow, and a further touch will change it once more to a warm white. This means you are able to choose your colour preference to match your mode. It’s fair to say that these lamps are stunning during the evening while glowing in your home.

Not only that, but the lamps can actually be dimmed, which is achieved by holding the metallic sensor for a few seconds. If you find that there isn’t enough light for your preference, then you can simply hold the metallic senor once more to brighten the lamp back to it’s original state.

The charging port next to the metallic strip is also located at the bottom of the lamp in order to not affect the aesthetics. This part is hidden underneath while the lamp sits on the wooden stand provided. Charging, which is achieved via a USB port will take around 3 hours to complete fully, but this will give around 4-6 hours of light before the need to charge again. Please note, the plug adapter is not included with the lamp, but you will more than likely have existing USB connections via your laptop, computer, mobile phone or even headphones. Any of these can charge the lamp.

Lunar Effects add a great personal touch to their lamp with each of the four sizes being named after the Galilean moons of Jupiter. This means the 8cm is names Europa (the smallest of the four), the 12cm is named IO, the 15cm named Callisto, and finally the 20cm is named Ganymede, which is actually the largest moon of Jupiter. This is a great touch by Lunar Effects.

As mentioned above, each lamp comes with it’s own wooden stand, and to add more of a branded touch, the wooden stand is laser engraved with the name of each moon (e.g. Europa, IO, Callisto, Ganymede) one side, and Lunar Effects logo the other side. This really help them stand out from other competitors in the market.

The lamps themselves are made from environmentally friendly PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material. The lamp itself is odourless and non-toxic. This means the lamps are very safe to hold in your hands if you choose to, and even for children to hold. Please note, supervision should occur while the lamp is in contact with children. Inside the lamp, the light is produced by a fixed lithium battery to ensure excellent light is produced from the lamp.

These moon lamps are not only perfect if you want to treat yourself, they are also a great gift idea for loved ones. It doesn’t matter where they put the gift, it will be sure to stand out. They are a huge hit with children as they stare at the beauty of the lamp.

One way parents are using the lamp for children is to help sooth them to sleep by dimming the lamp at night to help children sleep easier, especially those who might be afraid of the dark.

Even for adults, the lamps add a bit of magic to the home. Whether you are relaxing with the family, or maybe even reading a book alone, the lamps will provide the perfect ambient light. It’ll be so relaxing, you’ll just have to concentrate on not falling asleep…

Lunar Effects lamps start at $34.99 AUD for the 8cm and go up to $69.99 AUD for the 20cm, but they do offer free shipping, so the additional cost is not placed with you. Not only that, but Lunar Effects offer a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can purchase in confidence. This means, if you are not satisfied with the lamp within the first 30- days, you can return the lamp (postage paid by you) and receive a hassle-free refund. And on top of that, the product has a 3 month guarantee after the 30 day money-back guarantee has ended, so should you have any issues with the lamp during this time, simply return it to Lunar Effects and they will exchange this for a new one free of charge.

For more information, visit www.lunareffects.com and purchase your lamp now!




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