How To Delay Male Orgasm To Last Longer In Bed: Best Style To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

One of the biggest reasons that roughly seven to nine out of ten men have a hard time delaying orgasm is because we trained ourselves early on to do just the opposite of that. After searching long and hard for the best cure for premature orgasm, I finally was able to uncover a real diamond in the rough. In essence, I found a solution and was able to solve my problem without incurring any ONGOING expense.

First I'll share what I tried, then I'll share a little about the solution I uncovered.

I tried creams that are supposed to help you last longer in bed

These can help a little, BUT (a real big BUT) they don't offer any kind of rock solid long term solution. When I tried these, I quickly learned that they helped by reducing sensitivity. What a stupid way to make a man last longer. Besides, there is no way I'd want to constantly buy the creams.

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I tried pills that are supposed to help delay the male orgasm

It was the exact same situation with the pills as it was with the desensitizing cream. They work to some extent, but did not give me the results I wanted. I wanted to triple or quadruple my love making time. I also did not want a so called solution that I had to continuously pay for.

I tried climax control condoms too

These helped, but I still was not any better off than I was with the pills or the creams. This was just another "quick fix" that would drain my pockets slowly but surely.

I finally stumbled upon a worthwhile SOLUTION that helped me greatly delay my orgasms

The best solution came in the form of knowledge. Like a lot of useful knowledge, I happened to find this in a book. The book I'm referring to was written by a sex educator named Matt Wutzke. One fundamental thing about the book is this; almost every guy has a lack of knowledge about the body and how the ejaculation process works. Once you have a better understanding of how your body works you'll have ten times more control over ejaculation. This book taught me everything I needed to know to overcome my problem and finally delay my orgasms on a consistent basis without creams, lotions, pills, condoms, or a bunch of cocktails. Instead of lasting the normal 2-5 minutes, I now NORMALLY go for about 10-25 minutes.

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A huge lie about female sexuality is that women don't like hot, dirty, naughty sex and that they only want good old fashioned 'vanilla' type sex.

Lots of guys have this weird belief that women need to always be treated delicately in bed and only enjoy soft, slow love-making.

Believing that, it's no wonder that so many guys end up giving their women really lame sex and end up getting cheated on.

Now, let's blow away the lies about female sexuality and look at the truth:

Women Want Hot, Dirty, Naughty Sex

That's a fact.

Women dislike it when a man always tries to slowly make-love in the same position (missionary), with the lights on, at the same time of day and, well -- you get the idea.

That kind of sex bores women to death.

Every woman actually wants a REAL MAN in the bedroom.

A real man who takes her by the hand and leads her through wild sexual adventures that leave her hot, sweaty and out of breath every time.

And the kind of sex that leaves a woman in that state is definitely HOT, DIRTY, NAUGHTY SEX.

You see, women just love to get dirty in bed.

They want to do stuff that's considered TABOO.

And they want their man to make it happen. That way they can let him take responsibility for it and it stops them feeling like a slut.

Now, with all that said, you must be wondering why so many guys don't understand that women want this type of sex. And there are a couple of reasons...

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One reason is because women sometimes say they don't want to get dirty in the bedroom. But they only say this in conversation to avoid looking slutty.

Make no mistake about it though -- women sometimes say one thing and want another! This is an example of such a time.

Another reason why men don't understand that women want hot, naughty, dirty sex is because very often such guys have tried to make the sex this way and their women have responded badly.

Of course, the guys went about it the wrong way, hence why their women didn't like it -- but instead of seeing things like this... the guys choose to believe that WOMEN DON'T LIKE hot, naughty, DIRTY SEX.

For example, most guys would like to take their woman via her 'back door'.

You know -- they'd like to have ANAL SEX.

However, they have no idea how to go about getting ANAL SEX in a way that will make their women like it -- so they just try to 'slip it in' in some weird hope that she'll dig it.

The reaction is that she hates it and says she'll never do it again.


What else did they expect?

But being stupid, they then think that means she's boring and only wants vanilla sex.

Wrong -- she'd have happily taken it in her ass if he'd have known how to turn her on to the idea.

So there you have it.

And One Last thing...

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Sex is more about foreplay for the girl, than the eventual act it self, for all those orgasms that she experiences, to happen. The more you linger over the foreplay and all those romantic tactics that you indulge in will help her orgasm better and faster.

But the eventual stimulation is when you hit the g spot. This will give her the astonishingly fast orgasm you intend.

Lie her on her back- With her lying on her back you can comfortably reach for her g spot. But make sure that your palm is in an upward position whereby you can use your finger as in a signal to someone to move forward.

Stimulate the g spot with your finger in a titillating motion akin to 'come here'. You will hit the g spot and give her that fast orgasm.

Recline her against pillows- Instead of lying her down flat on the bed try propping her up with the support of pillows behind her or have her recline against some pillows.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

This way too you can hit the g spot and give her an astonishingly fast orgasm. The movement should again be as when you signal someone to come towards you.

Let her be poised on all fours- Let her be poised on all fours resting on hands and knees while you lie under. Reach out for her vaginal tract and locate the g spot.

Now stimulate it as you had in the previous two positions to give her that astonishingly fast orgasm.

Lie her on the edge of the bed- Lie her down on the edge of the bed with her legs propped up against your shoulders while you stand at the edge of the bed. Now reach down to probe her vaginal tract for the g spot.

Stimulate it as you have done in all of the other positions to give her an astonishingly fast orgasm.

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Method Number One: Take your time. Keep in mind that you should not rush things and that you have all night to do what you want to do. If you take off before your woman is even ready, things will only get worse.

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Keep her guessing as to what else you have in store for her. Turn every single kiss into an adventure and an overall assault to all of her senses. If you crank up the sexual tension, her gratification will get a boost practically the minute you begin to penetrate her.

Method Number Two: Master sexual positions. Sexual positions could determine your penetration angles - did you know that? As you try out various sexual positions, you may come to notice how certain positions always end in orgasms while some don't. Take note of the positions that do since they would be the only ones that can make you touch a woman's G-spot with ease.

Method Number Three: Arouse her almost permanently. Everybody has a phase of sexual dazes. You should know yours fairly well as this refers to the sexual phase where you become unaware of everything around you and focus solely on the pleasure that you feel.

To make a woman reach multiple orgasms, you need to bring about this same daze the minute you can by consistently touching hot spots, like her nipples and clitoris.

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