Did you know that the main reason one continues to feel like a failure after having endured a negative event is that they harbour the negative memory of that event within themselves? Did you know that memory serves as the solid evidence for the belief that they are a failure? Finally, did you know that unless that memory can be completely and permanently erased/deleted from the subconscious mind, they will never rid themselves of that negative belief?

If you are courageous enough and want to learn more about how it is now possible to erase such negative memories, this article is for you.

It may (or may not) surprise you that the only individuals who carry around the feeling of failure are those who a) have experienced what they (or others) define as a failure and b) still carry the memory of those events stored deep in their subconscious mind.
Having said that, suppose it was possible to completely and permanently delete or erase such memories in such a way that they felt like they never took place; what would the consequences be to the individual who is able to experience this?

Well, let me employ a simple and familiar metaphor. Years ago, and perhaps it still exists today, whenever one’s computer became infected with a disabling virus it was possible to restore the computer platform to a state that preceded the existence of that virus. From the perspective of the computer and the user the experience would be “like” there never was a virus.
Well, what if that were possible for human beings who carry negative debilitating memories (which behave much like viruses) – what do you think the restored state of that person would be like? Well, although this is difficult to accept for some; they will have actually have lost the understanding of what “failure” actually means.

Why is that, you ask?

The idea of failure and the associated feelings only originate with an experience that is defined, perceived, and accepted as a failure by others. In other words, an individual must literally be hypnotised into taking in this negative concept by others around them. This most commonly occurs in childhood when, as a child, one is dependent, vulnerable and hence easily hypnotised by the adults around them.

As an adult, once they become “de-infected” through the effective deletion of the negative memory experience they will feel confident, strong, empowered, resilient, whole, complete and good about themselves. Not only that, because the memory is now gone for good, the above experience becomes permanent.

Over a decade ago while exploring how and why negative memories remain stored in the mind/body (i.e. the subconscious mind) it was discovered that these memories behave as “Life Force Energy parasites” in that they deplete one’s vital life energy. It was also discovered that these memories could be permanently and completely erased simply by making conscious a series of lies about how they supposedly serve us.

As simple as this process appears, its effects are equally powerful and profound. Indeed, many individuals who have restored themselves to their unadulterated authentic state of being have realised that this state also represents a form of spiritual evolution.
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