You open Google to perform a search, click on one of the web pages that first appear in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and UPS! You decide to flee from that place. Why? What have I led you to not give him a minute of opportunity? Very easy, the first impression that, in this case, has the name of web design.

Web design is the cover letter of your brand and products, that is if you have an eCommerce with a great product but your website is not attractive, functional, and intuitive… you are left without customers and, by extension, without sales.
Today any Marketing strategy revolves around what many know as UX (User Experience).

The user experience in a digital business is based on the web design you have used, since the future buyer must feel comfortable on your site, find what they are looking for quickly and have a feeling of seriousness and security (do not forget that your The only purpose is that they end up spending money on your product).

There are three reactions to a design piece: yes, no, and wow! Wow! It is what we should aspire to.- Milton Glaser

What is an attractive website and how to design it?

Certain elements have been imposed in recent years, so they are essential for a powerful and current website; let's review them:

The hamburger menu:

No, it has nothing to do with food. The Hamburger menu is the one type of mobile phone design: the icon with 3 horizontal lines. Although it is something characteristic of responsive web design (that a website is correctly displayed on all devices with an adapted design), given that users increasingly use their mobile devices to browse the Internet, it does not hurt that you take it into account.

Registration Forms:

They are becoming more intuitive and less cumbersome for those who fill them. It is true that you may want to know everything about your client or user but think twice before making an eternal form or no one will fill it out. The trend is that they can now register through their Social Network profiles, such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

Presentation of the information as if it were a business card:

This means that the information can be scanned at a glance. There is an increasing tendency to present everything visually so that you can make a mental map of what you are seeing without having to spend two minutes reading. Pinterest is very guilty of this trend since with its pins it can show a lot of information at a glance.

Gallery or Slideshow:

Widely used to display various images on the cover. The carrousel makes it possible to highlight several things at the same time since the images are passing as if they were a gallery. Also, you can include links in them so that the user clicks as soon as the one they are interested in appears.


Thanks to the evolution of smartphones, we use them more and more for almost everything. We read emails, watch videos, access social networks, get informed, etc. For this reason, we are already more than used to sliding the screen with our finger, that is, to scrolling. So, oddly enough, it is an aspect that you should not worry about. What's more, you can take advantage of it and take advantage of it, for example, by creating stories that are told as you download (storytelling).

What is a web page with elements to avoid

These are some of the resources that web designers are using the most. However, all pros also have their cons. Now I am going to leave you a shortlist of what you should avoid if you want to avoid 'customer churn':

  • I already told you before that the Burger menu is on the rise, but BEWARE. If you have more than one relevant content on your website and you want the user to find it quickly, better put it in a tab. An example of the information that may be within a menu is: Who we are, our facilities, etc. But the contact, the products, and even the blog must be well visible.
  • Beware of Javascript: it can provide you with very cool functionalities, such as putting a hit counter or a weather widget, but it also maximizes the loading time of the web page. You should keep it in mind when you use it.
  • Excessive use of fonts and colors: before starting the design, define a line of colors in which your website will move. Ideally, it should be the corporate colors and, if it is a personal blog, it should be a color palette that defines you and goes according to your personality (you can see more in the psychology of color ). Along with the color, establish a font. It can be two, but don't overdo it, as it can lead to confusion. Ideally, san serif fonts are cleaner and easier to read.

How knowing Web Design can help you

At this point in the article, you are surely thinking: "Well, I don't have a business, this is all very interesting, but what use is it going to be?" Well, a lot.

Web design is not limited to companies or freelances, but it can help you find a job, publicize what you do, or promote yourself. What I'm talking about? Indeed, the Personal Brand.
Have you heard of portfolios? If the answer is no, get up to date NOW, because it is one of the most effective ways to show what you know how to do and to get to know you.

A portfolio is nothing more than a compilation of your work, neat and careful, that will give you a digital presence. Including it in the CV will be of great help, since not only do you put: "I have worked as a journalist", but you can also include some articles that you have written. And for your work to reflect yourself, it must be included somewhere with a design that matches your personality.
Here again, web design comes into play.

You can apply all the techniques that you have been reading in this article but remember that the most important thing is that it be intuitive, functional, and original. Do you need more info or do you want to start using tools that allow you to integrate all the elements that we have recommended? In this case, we provide you with training in this professional branch: Access our selection of web design, programming, and positioning courses; They are online and free, as they are part of the training for employment subsidized by the state public employment service and the Fundae.

Author's Bio: 

Aniket Chatterjee is a Digital Marketing professional with experience of more than 2+ years in this field and is well versed with SEO, SMM Google Ads, Bing Ads. He is currently working with eBetterBooks, Best online accounting and bookkeeping services company helping many other small businesses and entrepreneurs. His keen interest in the field of writing for finance and marketing developed when he was in high school and has been publishing content since then