The necessary thing to think before starting to structure the kitchen is how it is used. Never give up the style of your favorite kitchen for the end of minute because it will change the design and flow of the remaining portion of the house as well. In addition the kitchen can really be quite long to design as all the particular spaces and work areas required to flow correctly so that no storage space is wasted. It is important to start the design process of your kitchen along with all the other rooms in the home , So that it is well beautified into the house.

1. Work spaces and Flow :

There are 5 work spaces in the smart kitchen a, storage area,preparation area and cooking stove, pantry area, sink area. The pantry area of the kitchen should be occupied for food storage and the refrigerator, when the storage area of the kitchen should be occupied for cookware, kitchen appliances and utensils etc..

The sink are would be the washing area of the appliances and the preparation area should perfectly have a extensive counter top for smart kitchen work. The important thing that the cooking area would be enough space to keep a stove and oven.

It is important to integrating the preparation area, pantry, sink, and cooking area because of all required to ready a meal. A best design flow is to make a work triangle which joined the cooking area, sink, preparation area.

2. Types of Kitchens :

The most important kitchen designs are the Parallel kitchen design, L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen designs. The designing process is important to consider how the modular kitchen will be used in future. It also helps you create a better and more smart kitchen.

3. Modulation :

During the design process, it is necessary to maintain that the kitchen exists of modules If the kitchen style does not accept by proper parameters. Because all kitchen accessories that are fixed into the kitchen. The kitchen accessories should be in harmony along with the timbre and the floor plan must equal the uppermost areas of the kitchen.

The module of the kitchen is created of 3 element the lower, upper and towel module etc.. The modules consists of the sides, bottom, shelves, base and, back, doors, frame bars. The main thing of modulation is to control kitchen accessories from being arranged wrongly.

4. Standard Dimensions

The kitchen accessories equals the measurements of the kitchen modules. The module change according to the usage of the kitchen. It it is used to used to fix a stove, you have to take the measurement of the cooking stove. Ensure to leave a little centimeters of space between the appliance and module.

5. Materials:

The main things used for creating kitchen cupboards, doors and shelves etc. It is very lifelong material. For the cupboards, the density being around 15mm and for the doors 18mm is an ideal density.

For counter tops, the best materials to use are stone and compound materials , laminate. The density of counter tops cover up is commonly about 0.8cm to 1.5cm.

6. Trends :

The best materials for kitchen ending are melamine and ceramic and it is accessible in colors and patterns. Different designs also give lots of chances to have chances with the style. It is in mimic the characters of surface and aesthetics of wood to provide a look to your kitchen.

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