Kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do. However, more often we find homeowners stuck in the planning stage. Knowledge of how to design and execute a perfect kitchen renovation is essential.

Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Set your budget

Even before you start dreaming of your new kitchen look, think about the amount of money you are willing to spend for your kitchen renovation. Never think that a new kitchen is cheap. You can get affordable green kitchen cabinets to install in your kitchen but you first need to define your budget.

When setting your budget, you must also be aware of the prevailing cost of kitchen cabinets and other kitchen equipment that you may want to use. The budget that you set will determine the way forward with your renovation.

2. Get inspiration

Once you have an idea of the budget, you can start getting inspiration for your ideal kitchen cabinetry. What is it that you want in your kitchen? This is the time to visualize all the ideas that you have. For example, you might want an environmentally-friendly kitchen and start thinking of green kitchen cabinets and energy-efficient appliances.

Pinterest is a wonderful online catalog from where you can get inspiration. It isn’t the only place there is an inspiration. You can also visit furniture stores, check listings online, or visit friends that have amazing kitchens.

3. Measure your kitchen

Every kitchen has its space dynamics that you need to know before you commit to buying your fittings. You can have amazing green kitchen cabinets that will not fit in your kitchen after buying. Therefore, measure your kitchen and know its exact size.

- Measure the wall to wall distance
- Measure the floor to ceiling distance
- Measure the height and width of windows

Apart from these measurements, you should note any special fittings like electrical or plumbing that affect cabinetry installation.

4. Start designing

You can either do it yourself or invite a professional kitchen designer to help you create a perfect design for your new kitchen look. Either way, you have the final say as to what you want to achieve. Your dominant idea should be implemented. So, if you want green kitchen cabinets , your designer should ensure it fits in your kitchen’s style and theme. It will help to eventually maintain your personal taste in your new kitchen.

5. Hire the right people and get started

Once you have the right design, hire the right contractor to get started on your renovation. You can buy the cabinetry and seek the services of a contractor to install them to your design’s specifications.

Just like that, you would have completed your kitchen renovation journey!

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