Corporate awards are meant to give recognition to your hard-working individuals and achievers in the company. However, finding the right kind of trophy for showing gratitude to the right achiever is not that easy. There are thousands of types of ceremonials and business awards in Australia which look fabulous in the hands of persons who achieved excellence in a field. But don’t you think a person who scaled his or her excellence and reached a height of success with sheer hard-work must be given some special trophy to hold? If the answer is true, then make sure your business award trophies are the most distinct ones.

Here are some creative ideas explained for you to make your corporate awards more special to the receivers.

Give an Exceptional Structure

Do not make the mistake of giving your trophy a usual rectangular shape, mostly used for corporate or business awards. Decide an exceptional shape and dimensions, with or without a pedestal. To tailor a unique shape, consider the nature of the awards ceremony, accomplishment it will represent, and personality of the receiver. If you want to make too many awards as there are many receivers of same, try to make slight changes in their colours keeping everything else similar. It will make each recipient feel that their award is only one of the kind.

Engrave Brand Name or Image

This is must for any corporate or business rewards whether they are built with crystals or with any other material. Custom-built trophies add imagery to your business branding. So, make sure to create it beautifully by accompanying your logo or business name. Add your brand logo at any relevant place on the trophy or you can also present it at the base or background of the entire trophy. 

Ensure Prominent Impression of Personal Details

Even though a corporate trophy is presented by a company or business, its relevance is more felt by the recipient. It is a kind of a token of appreciation given to your achievers to acknowledge them and push them forward to achieve more. So, engraving the name of the recipient, award title, year of contribution or something that is distinctive in his/her achievement is required in the trophy to make it a truly memorable one.

Put in a Heartfelt Note

Appreciation by your business or company to an achiever will be more real and special when it is spoken in words. Thus, put out a very short, genuine appreciation note at the base or anywhere in the trophy, which can be easily readable by the recipient. It will make the recipients feel special every time they look back at the trophy and read those lines.

Using these ideas will surely help to present trophies to your achievers that will be truly a priced possession for them. If you want your business’s annual programs or ceremonies to be most notable one every time, then choose to bestow uniquely engraved or crafted trophies for each of your achievers. Award ceremonies and trophies are also brilliant reflections of a business’s image. Thus, make sure to make tailor-made trophies for your business awards in Australia which you will love to hand over and the recipient will love to keep.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professional trophy engraver and runs his own shop which makes different varieties of trophies for sports, dance, art, and business awards in Australia. He is also a blog writer in his free time and mainly writes about ideas for sculpting of unique trophies that will be sheer memorable.