We might not be aware but our roof plays a significant part in our lives. Discovering a leak can cause fear and can be annoying but it may just need an easy fix. If you see some spreading water stain, sagging drywall, or an active drip, your roof has probably started to leak. Leaks can gradually damage your home’s interior. After a period of time, these leaks can cause wood to rot, destroy your drywall, and stimulate mould growth. To fix this problem, you can always hire a professional to repair your Roof Plumbing in Melbourne.

Discovering a leak on your roof can be annoying and you might want to immediately have leak repairs. But finding where the leak is actually coming from isn’t as simple as finding a wet patch on your ceiling. The location where the water ends up staining your plasterboard and paintwork isn’t always where the actual leak is. Water may enter your roof from any part of your house and pour down through the insulation before actually soaking the weak spot of your ceiling.

How to Find a Leak?

Finding where the exact leak is coming from isn’t as straightforward as you think it is, especially with pitched roofs. Leaks tend to be higher up from where the obvious leak is and you may need a roof plumber in Melbourne to check it for you.

If you want to find it yourself first, this can be a tedious task. The water gets under the brick or tile and then travels down the beam before finally finding a nail or protrusion to aim that stream at your ceiling. The water can then start to pool resulting in sagging or bubbling. The water may travel further, finding light fixtures or other openings to drain through.

Below are some tools you might need to properly locate where the leak is coming from:

Tape measure
Dust mask
Garden hose
A helper

To begin locating a leak, take a walk outside your house and inspect your roof. You can start with parts of the roof that are higher than the location of any stains inside, or any signs of water penetrations. You might need to use a ladder to inspect this closely. Once you spot any damaged mark on your roof tiles, Colorbond Roofing or corrugated iron sheets, this could be where the leak is coming from. You can use the garden hose to run water on the suspected spot and check if this is exactly where the leak is coming from.

Another sign might be water spots under the roofline on exterior walls. This could be a sign that your flashing is damaged and may plumbing services immediately. After you take a look outside, take a closer look at the inside of your house. Check for any peeling paint, moisture marks, and brown, yellow or grey stains on your ceiling. These usually are the signs of a leak on your roof.

To be extra sure and thorough with the inspection, grab your flashlight and inspect the inside of your space or attic. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask for your protection. The obvious signs of a roof leak are mould, water stains, and rafters or beams. You might be able to follow the flow of water to its source. If you find it, it is recommended to find in Melbourne roof plumbing services.

Common Causes of Roof Leak

Roofs don’t last forever. Weather, such as wind and hail, can damage your roofs either directly or by knocking some dead and dying branches from overhanging trees. As roofs age, they are more prone to damage from weather especially they only come with a warrantied period of 15 to 50 years.

If you misdiagnosed a leak, it may cause further damage. If the cause isn’t apparent, contact a roof plumbing in Melbourne immediately. Depending on the cause of the damage, insurance will often cover replacement especially if made from a High-end residential plumbing service.

Here are some of the common causes:

Missing roof parts
Cracked or damaged roof
Broken or worn flashing

How to Prevent Roof Leaks?

We all know that prevention is better than cure in all things especially when it comes to roof leaks. The best way to prevent leaks on your roof is through maintenance and regular care. For winter and rainfall, a watertight roof is necessary. Make sure that your roof is in great condition and to avoid any leaks, you need to stay vigilant and be ahead of any possible damage. You can follow these recommendations to prevent roof leaks.

Be sure that your roof is inspected regularly
You can get professional roofing in Melbourne to inspect your roof every season for any deterioration or damage.

Have your gutters cleaned

It is hard to clean your gutter by yourself. Contact a local roof plumber in Melbourne to do this for you as this can be dangerous for anyone inexperienced.

Have a regular inspection of your roof plumbing
Does your roof have plumbing? Does it have vent pipes, exhaust pipes or fan ducts? If yes, you need to ensure that they stay sealed. Holes that are sealed and flashed in your roof around pipes can wear down after a period of time due to extreme weather or rainfall and need to be kept in check.

Roof Plumbing in Melbourne

Are you having trouble finding where the leak of your roof is coming from? Do you need help with repairs or just want to take precautionary measures? KC Roof Plumbing is here for you. We make sure that your roof is sealed quickly from any leaks. We also assess your roof for any potential problem so you wouldn’t have to worry for any future leaks. Call us at 1300 KC ROOF or send us a message for a free quote today.

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