CEO Advisor plays a very important role in the functioning of a CEO.

It is challenging to get a CEO advisory group in the same room in order to guide each other for personal or work issues. It is just too easy for a lot of meetings to be derailed due to absence of focus, personalities that are dominant or feelings that get hurt. The effort is however worth it. Peer-to-peer groups happen to be intensely bonding and they can provide solutions to daunting business problems which a team may be striving to solve.

Conversations around coaching can get deep, emotional and personal. While undertaking a peer-to-peer group, it is very important that the coach plan an alliance, sets expectations and boundaries, and work diligently to create trust amongst the peer relationships before getting into the coaching practice.

Curation of the membership is the largest responsibility of a coach undertaking a peer-to-peer group. Your promise to every individual is an assembly with shared core values and an atmosphere for growth. You may have very effective processes and very engaging content, still a fundamental disharmony will demolish the group from within. Once lost, regaining trust may be too high a hill to climb for a curator who has failed.

It is important for CEO peer advisory groups coaches to be clear on whose group they are facilitating. There is no right answer, but it is in everyone's best interest to know clearly about who is "in charge." This is applicable to various tasks like deciding who is responsible for member selection, who can take a decision on a member termination, who is going to set the agenda and how will accountability be handled. Designing such relationships up front helps in resolving conflicts later.

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