These days online booking is a great help for the customers who are looking for a hotel. Online booking is in high demand due to its fast services and customer requirements. These online reservation apps provide a convenient stay for travelers and leisure, who are looking for perfect accommodation.

These popular websites are offering a vast collection of resorts and hotels all over the world that bring the utmost best experience during the stay. Travelers need to simply browse the site and to choose the best hotel of their choice that can provide high-quality lifestyle amenities and can make it an ideal choice for themselves.

According to Statista, the expected revenue from the online travel booking segment amounts to US$ 434,030 million in 2019.

What is an Online Reservation App?

Online hotel reservation apps like and Trivago can be considered as a perfect platform that enables booking services like flight tickets to the hotel and car rental system. But the questions arise about how to develop an app like Trivago and

Features of Online Hotel Booking System

Most travelers have moved from the conventional hotel reservation system to an online hotel reservation option due to technological advancement. Developing an app, you need a professional developer that can customize your app that best suits your requirements.


Before starting a reservation app development, the developer needs to ensure the user-friendly that defined fast and highly customized apps.
Develop a great booking aggregator
Price filter
Rating filter


For online travel agencies, companies need to develop a platform that is integrated with mobile apps that run on iOS and Android Platforms. You must choose the multi-faceted platforms that can easily meet current needs. The selection of an appropriate platform is a must to target customers.

Integrated Payment Gateways

The online reservation app must follow the widely accepted payment gateways. These payment gateways help these online travel agencies to have smooth functioning in the long run. By providing a secure payment gateway, it can help the platforms to build a strong relationship with the customers.

Suitable Information

To begin an online reservation app. You need to market research about the availability location and USP of the hotel that can help the company to promote a suitable hotel by identifying the requirements of the customer. It is vital to have a link with hotels to know about the amenities and availability of rooms during that tenure. Without proper information, it is not feasible to start any business.

Know Your Competitors

Before developing an online reservation app, you must be aware of the services offered by the competitors. Try to analyze the weaknesses of the competitor and provide some unique features that can easily keep you alive with a competitor.

Easy Searching

An easy search option is one of the great features any company can offer to its users. The whole reservation process must be easy and fast by mentioning all the details. The vital information may include:

1.Location of the visit
2.Easy/Check-IN/ OUT
3.Number of Children
6.Food and Beverages


Another essential function of any app is to provide Push Notification. It notifies the customer about the status of their order and other features. The app helps them to track hotel facilities and also keeps the customer updated about the availability of hotel rooms and the expected check/in/out date.

Things Need to be Considered While Developing an App.

=> Analyze Market Trends.
=> Plan a Budget.
=> Create a list of Competitors.
=> Decide on the Distribution Area.
=> Draw up a marketing strategy.
=> Hire an online reservation app development company.

How to Earn money with Hotel Booking App

Service fee- You can charge a fee for every booking made via your application from the respective hotels.

Subscription - You can provide multiple subscriptions offers to access more interesting offers and discounts in the future.

Advertising- You can allow hotels to advertise their hotels on your platforms.

Marketplace - Hotels that are listed on your app need to be charged with different payment methods.


The online hotel booking app seems quite popular amongst new entrepreneurs. Most of the hotel booking app development provides the best solutions to its users, which includes high-quality services and rich features. Those who want to hire a developer can go with two options it can be a professional developer or a freelancer developer, and the decision can be taken on the basis of development cost.

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