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Subliminal messages are images, sounds, and words that are inputted into your subconscious mind. Because this part of your mind’s state is the most receptive, you are able to accept the message and make it a part of your life. That’s why subliminal messages are commonly used during visualization processes, self-hypnoses, and advertising.

You can also create subliminal messages on your own, if you wish to develop certain aspects of your life, such as your confidence, or bring down anxiety levels. You may be able to use this technique to treat or manage certain diseases more effectively.

1. Develop a very powerful mantra. Create or look for a passage, quote, catchphrase—anything—that you can believe in. Recite it as often as you can, such as when you wake up in the morning or in front of the mirror.

You can also post these subliminal messages in very conspicuous places such as your computer screen, refrigerator, desk, or bathroom. You can also attach this in your dashboard. The point here is to remember then believe and act out the message.

2. Download custom subliminal programs. These are applications you can download into your desktop or even mobile phone. What it does is to help you create subliminal messages fitting to your situation. These messages will appear on the screen as a popup or in your mobile phone as a text message. It generally works like the first suggestion. The only difference is this tip is more technological.

3. Clear your mind. You will never be able to receive these subliminal messages efficiently and quickly if you have a very cluttered mind. The different challenges or issues you’re trying to think about will take up too much space and attention from you.

If you truly want to receive and live the subliminal messages, you have to get rid of them even for a while. You can do this by doing meditations and yoga. These types of exercises allow you to calm yourself and bring your time to the present, not in the past or future where most of the concerns usually abound. You are also taught proper breathing exercises, which will further lower your blood rate, make your heart beat a little slower, and your body more relaxed.

You can also play music, usually instrumental, if you need some help to bring yourself to a calmer state.

4. Practice visualization techniques. Visualization means creating images and sounds that contain certain messages. This is often related to autosuggestion, where constant visualization will permit yourself to believe in the message or the perception you’re getting through the exercise.

There are different guidelines on how to do visualization techniques. Some of these you can already download through the Internet. Usually, it takes some time before you can master the ways. Don’t fret or give up, though. Soon you can instantly apply these techniques in all kinds of situations.

Subliminal messages have been utilized by psychologists, psychiatrists, and some conventional and alternative healers because of their ability to help people combat physical and emotional stresses. Hopefully, you can also benefit from these through the above-mentioned tips.

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