In this article, it is my intention to show you that we all have psychic power. The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psychikos and means “of the mind, mental”, or “sensitive”. It can also be referred to as ESP which is Extra Sensory Perception, giving one the ability to perceive outside of the physical senses.

Although the list of psychic abilities can vary depending on the individual, some of the most prominent abilities feature Clairvoyance giving one the ability to have Extra Sensory Sight; Clairaudience giving one Extra Sensory Hearing; and Clairsentience giving one Extra Sensory Feeling and/or Emotion. People who are Clairsentient are also known as Empaths, and have the ability to feel great empathy and compassion for others and literally share their pain on both an emotional and physical level. In this article I will share my experience in all three areas in hope that you can identify with me and in turn key into your own giftings and abilities.

I also chose these three areas as they are not only most prominent in my own experience but seem to be common traits found in the experience of most people. We are all Psychic to some degree as most of us can account to having a premonition, following our intuition, or being very sensitive in certain areas. I hope that as you read this article you will not let the bad dealings of misguided Charlatans who have misused the term psychic hold you back from discovering your own God given gifts and developing them in order to complete your own mission here on earth.


When I was a little girl, I had a certain type of psychic awareness. What I mean is, from a very young age I had a type of dual awareness. Not only was I able to see what was happening right in front of me (my physical environment), but I also had an inner awareness. I was able to tune in and perceive the particular situation on a deeper level, revealing to me what the situation meant or “what was really going on”.

Sometimes in life, we experience situations and its easy to perceive it at face value. However, there could be something going on much deeper beneath the surface. This typically is the case when we are dealing with individuals who wish to deceive us or take advantage of us in some way or maybe they are just not telling the whole truth.

At one time in my life, East Oakland, California was known as the death capital of the United States. This is where I was raised and my family was involved in drug trafficking. As a little girl, I was faced with many life and death experiences. These situations included shootings, armed robberies, home invasions, and kidnappings, etc. However, because I was very connected to my own inner awareness, I was able to escape and survive these situations.

I remember one experience where my mother had taken me and my little sister hitch-hiking. At the time I was 8 years old and my sister was two. It was in the middle of the night. Although on the surface I naturally perceived the physical situation, I was also able to perceive the situation from an inner awareness that said, “no, danger, this is a bad idea”.

I remember feeling scared. Perhaps I tried to convey this to my mother, but to no avail and ultimately I felt powerless as a strange man pulled up and took us for a ride.

Was my mother drunk? Had she been drugged? I’m not sure because it is becoming apparent to me that we are driving across the Bay Bridge, leaving town and headed to San Francisco but my mother is unconscious or asleep.

The stranger asks me if I would like to drive the car. Again, on the surface I recognize the situation and it appears the man is trying to make friends with me. He wants me to have fun, but something inside of me is telling me to be cautious and aware. Something is telling me not to trust this man and that he is not my friend. This is my own psychic awareness revealing itself to my conscious mind. This happens to most of us in life, but the question is, how often do we listen?

Intuitively I seemed to know that I should not act afraid so I agreed to drive. Because I was so little, the man put me on his lap while he worked the foot pedals and I held the steering wheel. Although inwardly I knew I was in a precarious situation, how much danger were we really in?


We drove to Fisherman’s Wharf and the strange man took me and my sister into the Wax Museum leaving my mother alone and unconscious in the car. I remember walking through the museum with the strange man and holding my little sister by the hand. Again, although I am conscious of the experience, I also have a heightened awareness of what is going on around me. At one point my sister wanders off from me and I notice two men are taking her by the hand and leading her away from us. Suddenly I run over to her, grab her by the hand and take her back to the stranger who had taken us away from our mother.

I cannot remember the trip back to our side of town or my mother getting out of the car but the next thing I remember is all of us being in a motel room with this strange man. The strange man put my mother in a separate bed and put my sister and I in bed with him. I also remember the man putting his hand on my bottom. Now I am extremely scared.


At some point the man got up to leave the room. When he did, something told me to run and run I did! I ran outside the motel and hid behind some bushes across the street. I sat in the bushes and watched the motel waiting to see some sign of the strange man. Intuitively I knew he would come searching for me. Sure enough he walked out of the motel as if he was looking for me. I waited for him to walk down the street and when he was out of sight, I dashed back to the motel room. By this time, my mother was awake and I remember begging her, “mommy, mommy, I want to leave! Please take me home!” When the man returned he simply took us home. It is my sense that he knew he was dealing with a very peculiar child and he didn’t want any trouble.

As I continued to listen to my heart and follow my gut instincts as a young child, I not only escaped a myriad of life threatening situations but I also became acute in my ability to listen and follow my own inner voice. In my next article, How to Develop Your Psychic Power II, I will delve further into my own psychic experiences in hopes to connect with you in the most simple way. Not only will I share my insights, but I will also give practical advice on how to develop your own psychic gift as well.

Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and you ears, for they hear. Jesus

Author's Bio: 

My name is Knowah and I am a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Empath & Clairvoyant. I have been sharing spiritual guidance in my local multi-verse for most of my life. I have 24 years of experience in this area which has helped to develop my intuitive abilities and psychic gifts.

Naturally clairvoyant, I began having prophetic dreams in the year 2004 and later published a book of those compiled visions called Dreams & Visions of Our Future. These series of dreams and visions expanded my consciousness leading me to a more universal and metaphysical philosophy.

I spend most of my time writing and doing professional Tarot Readings via my website I am currently working on a degree in Metaphysics, as well as, a second book. My ultimate goal is to help others develop their own psychic gifts and fully develop their personal human potential.