The demand of packers and movers in the city and everywhere is growing. The frequent relocation is vision in cities and metros. This has raised the demand for moving companies.

The business has good returns and, thus there are seen many new companies in the market every day. But same time, there also exists many fraud moving companies which are just set in the market to make money in one or another way.

Because of such fraudulent companies, people often steps back to approach to the moving companies for their relocation to a new destination. Many incidents of theft and misplacing of belongings have been recorded. The fraud companies have no proper reasons to put forward for such misfortunes.

What happens in reality is that such fraudulent companies mostly entertain those customers who have tight hands on budget. They guarantee to provide the best relocating services at customer’s price. This attracts the needy customer, and they falsely lure them with different facilities like insurance, assistance help in a new destination, etc.

People who are unaware of the real process of packers and movers get ready to hire them. It is tough the customers who are experiencing the shifting services for the first time. Mostly, people acquire the general knowledge about it from friends, families, and websites. But, there are many other details that are needed to know.

Many of such fraudulent companies don’t have their offices. They simply contact the people on cell phone. Often, they finalize their deal orally on cell-phone only. They even don’t meet the customers face to face before the final day of packing the belongings. The busy schedules of people, often force them to go for it.

Generally, it is advisable that however busy you are, you need to focus on some steps before hiring any packers and movers. Passing an excuse of being busy may cost you badly in the future. Better arrange the time and collect the genuine information about the moving companies
It is certain that no customers like to hand over their valuables in the fraud hands; still they come across it because the customers are unawareness related to the services.

It will be beneficial for everyone to know about some constructive and helpful tips that will assist the customers in identifying the fraud moving companies. Let us put light on such points. For example, suppose you need to find the
best packers movers in Nagpur

, then follow the down listed points to select the genuine company.

Important tips



This is the first rule to find service related companies. You can inquire about the companies from the customers it has already served. Collect the reviews from websites, friends, and relatives. Many companies hire agents to speak on behalf of their services and add plenty reviews on the website. In reality, they are fraudsters who just look for the chances to loot their customers.
It is advisable to collect references from at least 5-6 companies. Look for their foundation year and stability in the market. A reputed company’s name is well- known in the market.


Pay at the end

This is the sign of the fraudulent companies that they start dealing with advance payment. They prefer for cash payment only. Here, the customers need to work out smartly by not agreeing to pay anything in advance. They better need to choose the cheque payment. No cash dealing is a wise thought.
The reputed companies who are guaranteed of their services will never have any advance or part payment system. They will agree to your way of payment. It will also stick to the quotation figure unlike fraudulent companies who at the end come up with many hidden charges or otherwise hold your delivery.


Legal documents

Every company has set some rules and regulations. When any company don’t emphasize on such term, there arise a doubt of being it is an ideal company. Different companies have their own terms and conditions. It can’t be same for every company. Therefore, it is advisable to read carefully their documents and understand them well. It will help you find the right company for you.


Low prices

People easily get attracted to low quoted prices. This is the worst trick of the fraudulent companies who very well aware of the fact that people like to save money on small points. Such companies are frauds, and they keep cheating with you till last. The company will smartly get you into the agreement and then keep extracting money in the form of hidden charges.


Reviews from people

Many companies play tricks to trap the customers. They keep posting fake reviews on behalf of their on their websites and attracts the customers to deal with them. It is a tough task to find out if the posted reviews are fake or real. There are some points that can be doubted in fake reviews.
If, the company is having plenty positive reviews quoted in the same tone is doubtful.
Make it possible to contact with the review writer and collect the personal reviews from them.
Sometimes, the reviews are posted by fake names or addresses. You can spend a little time in inquiring about the posted address in the reviews and contact them. If you can find the address and contact the person, it will easily decide for you if the reviews are fake or original.


Attractive websites

The hoax companies play a game to run phishing web portals to trap the unaware and innocent customers. They run the websites copying the names from other branded and reputed companies. It is not an easy task to find out these fraudulent companies playing different tricks.


Relocating requires you to spend a good amount. So, it is essential to look out for all the above listed information for selecting the ideal and genuine movers and packers in Nagpur. The above listed points, for sure, help you find the genuine moving companies in your city and nearby areas.

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