If you're looking for a free web site traffic counter, you really don't have to look very far. There are many websites that provide this service to you.

If you're not familiar with the basics of a free web site traffic counter, here's just a brief explanation. You sign up for a free account, enter in your contact details or whatever other information required, and you are given a code which you can then paste into your website so that the program can retrieve the necessary data. If you want the number of website visitors to your site to also be shown to your web visitors, you can choose a code for that. And often times, you can choose a specific graphic of how you want the counter to appear. Or, if you don't want that information shared (like in the instances of newer websites), then you can choose a code that will make it invisible.

Here are just a few of the traffic counters out there.

Let's start with Google, for one. They offer a service called Google Analytics. Now this service is completely free if you are a Google Adwords customer and you've paid your bills. If you are not a Google Adwords customer, the service is free until you reach five million pageviews per month per account.

Stat Counter is another service which is offered for free until you reach one and a half million pageloads per month. The price then goes up from just nine dollars per month for 1.5 million to 7.5 million pageloads, 19 dollars for between 7.5 million and 15 million, and 29 dollars per month for over 15 million.

Free Stat Counter, as the name implies, is free. However, you do pay a price for that, if not in actual dollars. This service includes a sponsor link that is built into the code you display, so they generate revenue from advertising, but you might now want the sponsor information on your site.

Website Hit Counters offers a great variety of counter graphics to choose from, in all sizes, shapes and colors. This service also adds a sponsor into their code that either links back to Website Hit Counter's website or the sponsor. This informative site also offers good resources, tips services, guides and information for webmaster.

Free Hits Counter is yet another free stat counter. This is a very basic site, with a few counter designs to choose from. Just plug in your site information and you are ready to go. This site is also free because the counters are sponsored by advertisers who receive a small link.

If you do decide to go for one of the free web site traffic counters, make sure that you do not alter the code (for example, to take out the sponsor link) as this violates their terms of service.

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