There are many ways to go about figuring out your life purpose. The thing is that no one else can figure this out for you; this is something that you have to come to on your own.

But while you are trying to figure this out, it's great to learn the lessons that will come your way on this journey. When you learn to enjoy the journey, you might find that the purpose comes to you!

Here are some ways that you can discover your purpose in life:

1. Write your feelings down: A journal is a great idea for your discovery program. You can journal in a notebook,or you can journal online. Be honest with yourself; write about your dreams, desires, and thoughts. This is your own personal journal so again, be very real with yourself. You can't get to who you really are unless you are honest with yourself

2. Go after your passions: Make a hobby of your passions, or out of your desires. Your life will have more joy and meaning when you pursue your passions.

3. Think about your talents: What are the areas that are you naturally good at? Can you use these talents and skills in a way that is meaningful for you?

If you can figure out what you are good at, you will find that others can benefit from your talents and skills. People who are good at comforting others make great professional counselors, for example.

4. Hang around inspiring people: Who are the people who inspire you? Get to know these people, and learn from them. While they might not be exactly like you, you can learn how they came about their life purpose. They will teach you how they overcame the struggles in life, and how they found their way to their calling in life

5. What makes you feel joy?: Think about the things or the moments that makes your happy. You can get a clear view about your purpose in life when you think about doing the things that bring you joy.

What brings you joy doesn't have to be exotic, or over the top. Joy can be eating at the table with people you love, and who care about you.

6. Welcome changes: The fear of change holds back many people from going after their life purpose. Sticking to the status quo is safe, but it can be stiffling as well. Life is full of change, and many times, change is good.

7. Hold On To Your Values: Everyone has a set of values, or a moral code that defines them. Think about your values as a starting point to finding your life purpose. Your life purpose should honor those values, in order to truly be meaningful.

Discovering yoru life purpose isn't hard at all. It does take some thought and planning. But if you use these key strategies, you'll be closer to your life purpose, before you know it.

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