Every one of us feels the urge to use the toilet irrespective of where we are. And of course, we cannot hold nature's call for a long time and it is not recommended as well. Sometimes the urgency raises its peak, and we have to use the public toilets for peeing and/or pooping.

Using public restrooms without disinfecting has always been a matter of concern. But, now it is of utmost importance to take extra care of washroom hygiene due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Whether being at home or in any public place, like - malls, restaurants, offices, etc. We need to use the best toilet seat sanitiser for disinfecting the pot and other solid areas in the restroom.

During this pandemic, it is our prime responsibility to take every precaution for controlling the spread of the deadly virus. We have to be super conscious about things we touch, people we meet, and places where we spend time. Among all, the public toilet is the most commonplace that is used by different people frequently.

To keep ourselves safe and healthy, we need to follow the below-noted points to disinfect the toilet seat and keep germs at bay.

Use toilet paper and make a seat cover

While using public restrooms, make sure to use the toilet paper rolls wisely. These rolls are not just for cleaning ourselves after defecating and urinating; we can use them as a seat cover as well. Covering the seat with toilet paper will prevent our skin from getting in direct contact with germs and viruses. Use two layers of paper to cover the toilet seat properly. Once you're done, throw used toilet papers in the dustbin and wash your hands properly.

Use wet wipes to clean the seat

Wet wipes are a handy option when it comes to cleaning toilet seats. There are different varieties of wipes available in the market, but it is advised to use alcohol-based ones in this situation.

Yes, it is messy to clean the public toilet seat like this, but always remember it is better to take precautions before; than to look for the cure afterwards. Also, you are doing this for your health and your family and loved one's safety. Once you are done with cleaning, make sure to throw the dirty wipe in the trash box.

Use toilet spray for maximum precaution

Nothing is better than using toilet seat sanitiser, as it kills the maximum germs. Also, it is highly recommended by medical experts too. Along with making the toilet seat germ-free, sprays also help prevent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Females are at a higher risk of suffering from UTI in comparison with males. For instance, carrying a Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray whenever stepping out is a viable option. The speciality of this spray is that you can use it as a surface sanitiser for cleaning flushes, doorknobs, faucets, taps, etc.

Final note

These minor precautions can save you, as well as others from bacteria and viruses, like E. coli. So, make sure to be a little extra conscious while using public toilets and always keep toilet disinfectant spray handy.

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