SONO Ultrasound Wipes destroys 47 virus like HIV, MRSA, Staph etc. It has been already proved that, to save your equipment and transducers from damage, SONO Ultrasound Wipes is the best option which also saves your money. You don’t need to buy or use cleaning products in multiple number for ultrasound sector. SONO Ultrasound Wipes will be your all in one package for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Why SONO Ultrasound Wipes?

It destroys virus along with MRSA, Staph, and HIVas well as resist the outgrowth of mold and mildew. This is an EPA granted perfect solution is phosphate, ammonia, bleach and solvent free along with lesser than .03% of alcohol. It also can be applied on Stress units, EKG machines, mammography plates, patient monitoring units etc. An experiment has been done already in pursuance with EPA standard for the animal trichophyton mentagrophytes, viruses, bacteria and organisms.

Some Features of SONO Ultrasound Wipes:
• Kills over 47 Pathogens
• EPA approved and meets OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910.1030
• Safe Without Gloves
• LCD/Touch screen safe
• Won’t damage equipment
• Large 7x10 wipe size
• Tired of yellow, cracked, and unsafe equipment? SONO Ultrasound Wipes are the ONLY disinfectant tested on ultrasound to not damage your expensive investment!

Why Should You Have SONO?

We would like to suggest you not to waste your money by purchasing the wrong wipe. Most of the disinfectant wipes are being used in hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics which is harmful to ultrasound materials. According to the medical stuffs, these machines, and transducers are not cleaned in the exact way as the X-ray machines and MRI and CT units.
Wrong disinfectant wipes bring much loss and danger including:

• Delaminated heads of transducer.

• Collapse in leakage experiment.

• The patient can have a shock.

• Cable and Transducer cracking

• Machine’s outlook will be degraded.

• Loss of trade value.

New Sono Gel For Your Transducer
sono supplies has brought a new and fruitful SONO Gel which is high quality and non- damaging. This is what we love to do. We are consciously passionate about consumer satisfaction and trust.

If your ultrasound gel is formulated in order to keep the investment safe , then you have made the perfect choice obviously.

About Us
sono supplies is famous and reliable for SONO Ultrasound Wipes. We are a dedicated team and Ultrasound Specialists.
We are professional in Health Industry. We focus on 100% energy on the weak nature of ultrasound machines while the other companies in this field offer you generic disinfectant wipes. Our company has observed many types of regular damage which are responsible for confiscation of warranty coverage along with an expensive replacement charge.

Process Of Cleaning
1. Clean off the gel before wiping with the SONO. Use a cloth to wipe down the lens, and surfaces of your transducer.
2. Now,wrap up the wipe around your transducer. Then leave it in the holder in order to keep the transducter periphery wet.
3. You have to leave the transducer in the holder when you are preparing for the next patient.
4. Wipe the cable because, that may come into contact with your patient after completing disinfection of the head.

Always Try To Avoid Expensive Repairs
You should take steps to save your investment and money. Warranties requires special care certainly. You need not to wait till the end for starting take care of your materials.

We would like to suggest you to stop using or applying harmful generic disinfectants. You can contact us to get the best, perfect and right wipes for your ultrasound materials. You can reduce the liability from patient shock. We have taken the work out of which wipes you should use that will guide you exactly what it does and how you can get the best result.

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