Steps for a divorce with a partner that you cannot find
There is no doubt that divorce is one of the worst things that you can face in your life. There are tons of things that it can bring, like depression and various problems with money and health. And all of that is quite hard to deal with. However, once your divorce process starts you have to be strong and be able to fight everything. Things like stress will not matter to you during that time. However, just after it is finished you will start to feel all of that tiredness. If your case is not that hard, there is always a chance to make everything a little easier. For example, you can always use services like Cheap Divorce Online to save a lot of time and money. Moreover, you will be able to do tons of things during that time. And that is some awesome news. However, some cases will require much more effort from you. As a great example, you can take a look at the situations where you are not able to find out where your spouse is. Yet, you still have to divorce them in some kind of way. That is where you will need to learn a little about such types of divorces. There is a high chance that you will be required to get a lawyer to help you. That is because they will need to send a notice to that person. And if they are not able to do that, it will be the time to take the case to the court. Therefore, be ready to spend some time and money in a case like that. This article will help you with some information on these types of divorces and how to deal with them.
1. Preparation
Before you even begin to divorce that person that you are not able to find you will have to do some stuff. That is not something that is closely related to the case. However, that is something that you will have to do to make your life easier during the divorce process. First, make sure that you have enough money for everything. There is no doubt that you can do some of the things on your own. However, you will still have to spend some money here and there even without a lot of professional help. Therefore, if you do not have a job at that moment, it is the best time to start looking for one. Moreover, you will have to find some ways to save your money on the things. Things like luxury items, expensive food, and various spendings have to end. You will need to get down your standards of living. That is done to be able to afford everything that will be going on during the divorce process. After you know that you are going to be provided with the money, housing, and living expenses for some time, it is time to start the process.
2. Trying to find your spouse
The first thing that you will have to do legally is getting a lawyer. They have to send your spouse a divorce action. Those are the papers that will notify your partner with a message that you are willing to divorce them. Such notice is sent to the last known location of your partner. Yet, in most cases, if you are not able to reach them, they will not respond to anything like this. If that is the case you will have to start moving towards the following steps. Run an ad in the newspaper that is published close to that place where your future ex lived last time. Keep it there for a few weeks. If there is no response, it is time to move to the real legal actions. That step that you just did is called the Order of Notice by Publication and it has to be done to move on to the next steps.
3. Finalizing everything
One of the things that you have to understand is the fact that your judge will not be able to let you a divorce if they know that your spouse did not receive a notice. Therefore, if you did not do any of the steps before, you will surely be refused to divorce. Yet, if you did all of the steps above and you still did not find the location of your spouse, it is enough for the judge to allow the next steps. That is the step of divorcing by default. Divorce by default is a type of breaking up where you can divorce without your now ex is at the case.

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