Data mining search and hidden patterns in large amounts of data modeling is becoming a mainstream technology. Yet, for many, a data mining project (DM) is a difficult prospect beginning. Chief among those concerns is to consider DM: "I know how to do data mining right for my organization?"

A meaningful answer to this concern is based on three underlying questions:

Economy - you have an urgent business / economic needs, a "pain" that require immediate attention?
Data - You or you can get enough information relevant to business needs?
Performance - you have a DM solution compared with current practice in the trade show to produce a moderate profit?

Summarizing, to determine if data mining fits your organization, you must consider:

Your business need
Your available data assets
The performance improvement required

By the time you finish reading this article; please click on the below link which I mention in author box that will be able to answer these questions. If all answers are yes, data mining is a good fit for your business needs. Nobody answered before proceeding with DM focus on areas to indicate.

In the following sections, we are doing marketing in the context of the case studies, each of the above questions. Because DM is applied to a broad spectrum of industries, we generalize the solution for each of the principles.

To begin, suppose that Joseph is vice president of marketing for a business organization. He is responsible for exhibitions and a large annual meeting. The turnout was good for many years, and he and his staff an excellent meeting experience (program plus site) in order to focus their efforts. Recently, however, has been promoted degradation reaction and a drop in attendance. Joseph and her outfit are perfect for data mining?

Start with the economy - economic issues is urgently needed? Joseph knows that 15% of meeting attendance dropped this year. If the trend continues, vote for two years, their previous level is only about 60%, and he knows that the annual meeting is not sustainable at that level. It is important, then, to improve the appearance, but much to get to. Yes, Joseph economic needs.

Generally, data mining business "pain" could refer to a wide range of. If your company has a fast growth, the DM promising new retail location or find more prospects to your online service. Conversely, if your organization is facing a decline in sales, improved DM retention or cross-selling and upselling existing customers to identify your best. It is recommended but not required to clearly identify an important business without a data mining initiatives.

Tremendous amount of information nuggets that "little or no value to the data of the mining company wastefully spent. Next, consider the wealth of data - the data are sufficient, relevant data are available? Joseph is a spreadsheet that meeting was attended by many years until the record. He was also a promotion in the history of a simple database (and that was an invitation) says. So, (to invite) stimulus and response (yes / not present), the information available. The data clearly understood and is relevant to the future to improve the appearance.

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