Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought after career option nowadays in India. One of the many aspects of this degree that attracts lots of students is that one can pursue it after completing his/her graduation from a different stream. For example, if you have completed B-Tech in Information Technology then after graduation you can pursue IT-MBA. This integration of courses has made MBA the booming career option among the youth. The MBA gives a general, pressurized view of the business world and its practices. Many successful people have MBA's but many very successful people e.g. Bill Gates do not, so having one doesn't in itself constitute a recipe for success. So while preparing for exams like CAT-2012, which is considered to be one of the world’s toughest selection processes in use, you need to be focused, you need to be innovative and open to new ideas and perspectives. Here are a few tips regarding how you prepare yourself for CAT-2012 –

1. Know what the syllabus consists of – before you start your preparation you need to be sure shot about the syllabus you need to cover. Make a note of different subjects and their syllabus.
2. Plan your preparation, prepare a time table – After sorting out the syllabus, the next thing you should focus upon is ‘balances study’. Don’t give too much importance on a single subject. Prepare a time table. Give each subject equal amount of importance.
3. Practice makes a man perfect – Follow this. Practice previous year question papers as much as possible. While practicing, set yourself a time limit. Create an environment like you are sitting in the examination hall and appearing in CAT-2012 and then practice. Try and solve the questions within the stipulated time. The key to success in CAT is efficient time management skills. The best way to achieve this is by solving previous year papers.
4. Know your strengths, work on your weaknesses: Before you start preparing, evaluate yourself by taking a diagnostic test. Sort what your weaknesses are, be sure about your strength. Work on your weakness. While preparing as well appearing for the exam, always remember you don’t need to solve all the questions. Filter out the part you don’t need to focus upon. Whatever you are sure of, focus on that, score full marks from those parts.

Ensuring success in such an exam like CAT-2012, is all about the mantra ‘’Work smart, not hard’’. Have a clear idea about what you are doing, put your efforts, have faith and you will surely succeed.

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