Do you have a lighting fixture that has worn out with age and demands replacement? Well if this is the case then there is no need to hire any professional as you can pull off this task all by yourself! This is a quick and simple task that will help you keep your home in a petite condition. All you need to do is to research the lighting fixture of apt size and you are good to go! Follow these simple steps in order to install your residential lighting on your own!

Simple and Easy Residential Lighting Installation Steps:

  • Step 1: Turn off Power & Remove the Canopy to Expose the Fixture Hardware:

When it comes to the lighting installation in Randwick then you need to be aware of the power that is being supplied to the existing one. Make sure to turn it off and then begin your work. In case that is the only lighting element in the room then carry a torch with you from before.

You will have to expose the hardware of the fixture by removing the canopy. This canopy is the beautification factor that is being used to hide the ugly wiring of the lighting element.

  • Step 2: Unscrew the Three Wires and Remove the Damaged Fixture:

Once the canopy is removed you will get to see the three wires, namely black, white and copper. The electrician near Coogee connects these three wires to the wires of the lighting fixture so you will have to disconnect this. Unscrew the wire connectors and disconnect it from the ceiling wiring.

Once the wires are disconnected then the old light is free to be removed. Keep one person with you as you might need them to hold the fixture as you deal with the electrical box fixed to the ceiling.

  • Step 3: Connect the Fixture Wires and Install the New Lighting Fixture:

You might have to install a new bracket as this base plate will serve as a mounting structure of the new fixture. Any reputed residential electrician of Randwick will do the same. Generally new fixtures come with a bracket! Connect the three wires of the ceiling wiring with the fixture wires. Secure the new fixture and adjust its length. Next you will have to carefully secure the canopy back to its original place. Take time to do this and then turn on the power and check the working of the new lighting fixture!

With the above steps you will be able to install the desired lighting fixture with much ease! In case you are looking forth to hire the professional electrician then make sure to check his or her port folio before hiring them! Fixing such equipments is not easy hence you need to be aware of their credentials as well as their insurance. Going through their online testimonials will also give you a fair idea of their services. If you found this article useful then make sure to pass it on to others too! 

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The author has experienced residential electrician in Randwick to perform perfect lighting installation in Randwick. Hire the author’s expert electrician near Coogee to perfect your electrical installations.