One of the best dialogues that I heard from the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan was, “We are not going to take anything to heaven after we die.” It does make sense, and a lot of it, if you were to think about it honestly and sincerely. What’s the use of accumulating wealth and locking it up in vaults; if not to help deprived people climb up the social ladder?

You can help many people, who face terrible challenges on a day-to-day basis, from no access to clean water to being deprived of basic necessities like clean water to having no solid law-and-order for a social, stable, functional society to being discriminated against because of their caste, creed, colour, gender, or economic status to not having access to even basic education such that they can improve their quality of life and live a life of dignity with respect and peace of mind.

You can help to do the above by ensuring that the people at the bottom of the social and economic chain are able to climb to the top and achieve everything they want. It will be possible if you consider that you could and would and should donate to the best charitable organisation. When it comes to charities and nonprofits, there are a lot many options that you can consider from. You should decide on the basis of your interest -- whether you want to make a difference in the field of education, sanitation, healthcare, or something else.

Saving Children in Poverty is an Australia-based not-for-profit charity that does incredibly good work for the people living in the Sector-Four Slum of Faridabad, India. Let’s take a look at a few of their projects, and if you wish to associate with them, you can consider making a donation to the best charitable organisation.

Education Charity Organisation

First and foremost, Saving Children in Poverty is an education charity. It is built on the principle of Equality, Compassion, and Opportunity for all. It makes continuous efforts for the children living in the slum to be able to get a quality education such that they don’t have to live all their life in the place that they were born in. Everyone should have a shot at a successful, healthy, and happy life -- and it can be made possible by opening the doors of education. Knowledge is power, and a person who has access to basic (school and college) education can do wonders in his/her life. Saving Children in Poverty (SCIP) has six classrooms and educates hundreds of kids in playgroup, nursery, lower kindergarten, upper kindergarten, first, and second grades. It also sponsors ten children every year for further studies at the Nehru Academy with the help of volunteers and sponsors from around the world. There is nothing more heartening and fulfilling than getting to know that you are contributing to a child’s future, which, in turn, is a step towards a better educated and more progressive and inclusive world. You can help build a classroom for $700 or educate a child for $200. Please consider being a part of the SCIP ECO SCHOOL in whichever way possible -- as a volunteer, as a donor, or as a word-of-mouth well-wisher on social media.

Healthcare Charity Projects

Saving Children in Poverty (SCIP) also runs the free medical clinic in the slum. It is called The SCIP Clinic. Nursing volunteers from around the world come and help the people in the slum to live a healthy life. The clinic provides free medical check-up to the children and women living in the slum. Pregnant women receive help throughout their pregnancy so that the child is born healthy. It is done through continuous, regular check-ups at the interval of fifteen days, and if any complications are detected then the women are referred to a nearby government hospital. A free ambulance is provided for the same purpose. The school kids are trained regularly in first aid course and basic medical care so that they can be self-sufficient or at least know the basic steps to take in case of a medical emergency.

Women Empowerment Not-for-Profit Projects

SCIP SEWS is an online ethical clothing store, which sells garments and accessories globally. All the material is sourced from Australia but hand-crafted by the gritty and talented women in India. The bibs, skirts, and tees are adorable and would look cute on your kids. Please consider buying something from SCIP SEWS to help these women support their family as well as for them to be financially independent and break gender stereotypes. The Women Empowerment Project has also undertaken other projects such as redesigning school uniforms for the SCIP ECO School. If you have any fashion-related project that you would like to outsource to SCIP SEWS and collaborate with them for awesome results, please feel free to get in touch with us.

So, would you be making a donation to charity in 2018? Please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts, too!

Author's Bio: 

Shweta Shah has been a Writer for 30+ startups around the world. She is dedicated to the cause of kids education and making sure that people have a platform to best charitable organizations so that they can make a positive impact in the world. After all, she believes that we all make a life by what we give not what we get.