Although buying a house is a big task but selling a house is no less. You need to invest a lot to buy a house and similarly, you need to think a lot before selling your house, to ensure that your hard earned-money gets the right returns. Often people don’t plan much before listing their property for sale and end up getting a low-profit on the property sale. There are some small things to be considered before you list your property for Sell, to ensure that your property earns great returns and get increased value, read on.

Review The Legal Document And Arrange Them Well

Before you initiate the process of listing your Property for Sale in India, you should review all the property documents and other legal documents needed to sale the property. Apart from registry and ownership documents, you should also arrange additional documents which show that all the bills and taxes are paid and no dues are pending to be paid further..

Save Memories
Before you step ahead for the next step, let’s save some memories. Take pics of your house so that in future you can see these pics and relive the moments. Every house has some precious memories, so before making it ready for sale store them in your camera.

Improve Landscaping And Exterior
It’s time to review the landscaping and exterior view of your house. As they say, the first impression is the last impression, so lifting up the look and feel of your garden and exteriors of your house is a smart move. Declutter your garden, see what is needed to set the plants and review the paints on exterior. You shouldn’t compromise on the chipped paint on the exteriors as it can considerably trim down the value of the property.

Get Rid Of Clutter
You may have a lot of stuff that is making your house look smaller or cluttered. Filter all those items which are obstructing the open feel of your house. The potential buyers would estimate the space on the basis of view, so make it very clean and tidy. This way a small place can be presented as spacious whereas a big space with lots of clutter would never be estimated accurately.

Make It Neutral

We all mark our signs in our house, be it an unusual theme for the bedroom, kids name on the wall, markings or sketches on walls and doors, and off course it feels very nice. However, your prospective buyer may not take it in the same sense. In a way, all those personalization has to be removed before your house is inspected by the buyers.

Repair And Fix
All those petite issues of plumbing, leakage, wire assembling, faulty switches etc., can have a big impact on the valuation of your property. Get them fixed in advance. Don’t leave the thing in anticipation that you don’t have to stay there for long, or this can be fixed by next owner. You will get a lot better deal with a perfect house, which is not in need of any kind of repair work.

Paint To Perk Up
Maybe your house was painted just 1 year ago and you don’t feel a need of the same but going by this feeling can dwindle the value of your property. This time you need to paint your house to give it a fresh look and to go beyond your personal preferences of colors. Maybe you have chosen your favorite dark orange color paint for a small room but now you should get it painted in a light shade to make it look bigger. Overall, entire property should be painted freshly, in light pleasant shades.

Don’t Ignore Flooring
The flooring is another crucial aspect of your house that can upgrade or degrade the value of your house. Review the flooring of the entire house from entry to kitchen and washroom as well. If there are stains or some chipped off portions, go for a repair. You can also choose wooden flooring, which improvises the look of the decor instantly.

Go Trendy
Review the current trends of decor and get small renovations, like changing the hardware and sanitary, curtain rods, kitchen slab, tiles etc. These things won’t cost you much but would definitely have a positive influence on the valuation of the property.

So these were some small things to do before you roll out your property for sale in India. These things are a sure shot way to increase the cost of your house. Follow all these things and then list your property on a real estate portal or contact a real estate broker and be all set to get a good deal for your house on sale.

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